NPR Poll Proves That All Latinos are Not the Same

Each Latino subgroup holds unique characteristics, a fact that is usually veiled by a desire to homogenize and create uniformity based on a common spoken language. A new poll, conducted by the fine folks at NPR, unveiled some of the factors unique to each group, which varies further depending on the number of U.S. native and immigrants to belong to each group.
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The Movies that Moved Latino Child Stars into the Mainstream

Most stars don't make a smooth transition from child-to-adult celebrity. When crossing that bridge many stumble and slip due to alcohol or drug use and abuse, and some simply aren't equipped to handle the blinding beams cast down from being in the lime light. But, for the Latino stars who have successfully crossed that bridge, it's time to take a look at the first R-rated roles that appeared on their filmography.
Anjelah Johnson

Anjelah Johnson, Fred Armisen & More Latin Post Picks for Great Latino Comedians

George Lopez, Paul Rodriguez and Carlos Mencia's names are some of the first to come to mind when thinking of Latino comedians, but there's a number of valuable comedians with Latin roots who are brazen and brilliant, and offer stellar commentary on la raza's experience in America, or are just plain ol' hilarious.

6 Best Telenovelas of All Time: Marimar, El Clon, and More

"Cambiame la novela pa que tu vea!" It's all in good fun...hopefully. Here are some of the most memorable telenovelas of our teenage years.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Contributions to the Latino Civil Rights Movement

African-American civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King was a humanitarian, pastor, and activist who utilized nonviolent civil disobedience to work toward the advancement of African-Americans, and racial integration. King and the Black Civil Rights Movement encouraged the Latino Movements, inspiring colleagues Dolores Huerta and Cesar Chavez's farmworker's protests, and encouraging Nuyorican activist Gilberto Gerena-Valentin. He was more than a rousing symbol, he provided emotional support, resources, and public relations to the Latino Civil Rights Movement. Latin Career Network Puts Job & Networking Opportunities Within Reach

The premier Latino professional network iHispano is similar to LinkedIn, in nature, but specifically functions to help Latinos access and attain jobs. The website offers an impressive resume builder, resources for professional development, employment prospects, opportunities to network with like-minded Latino professions, and allows access to organizations that are hiring Latino talent.

Latino Teens in Florida Lead in Hookah Usage, According to Tobacco Survey

"Smoking hookah," otherwise known as inhaling flavored tobacco product through a hose affixed to an elaborate water pipe, is growing in popularity, particularly among Florida high school students. Moreover, it's increasing in popularity among Hispanic Florida high school students. The habit is replacing the trend of traditional cigarette usage, and has become a favorite among teenage boys and teenage girls. The Florida Youth Tobacco Survey has indicated that the rate at which teenage girls smoke hookah has caught up to boys. Hispanic teens are leading that trend, as they are most likely to try and then continue the habit.

Latino Religious Groups Show an Interest in Wildlife Protection & Conservation

The Hispanic Access Foundation summoned prominent Latino religious leaders from several Western states for a conference regarding the environment, conservation, and energy development. The multi-denominational Christian group established an inter-faith alliance called Por la Creacion, which plans to encourage religious education, and foster a sense of responsibility in this and future generations.
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Hispanics in Philanthropy (HIP) Has Funded Latino Organizations for 30 Years

Latino/a Americans require community-wide development of services made available to them, and they are in need of organizations that have a desire to push them to the forefront by sponsoring services that ensure access to quality education, economic stability and healthcare. Hispanics in Philanthropy (HIP), under the masterful leadership of Senior Manager for Corporate Relations Alexandra Aquino-Fike and a number of other skillful individuals, has helped to mobilize and motivate Latinos for the last 30 years, by funding and supporting more than 600 Latino organizations from coast-to-coast.

Microaggression: 'Harmless' Racist Humor that Latinos Often Encounter

Specific interactions that can be interpreted as small acts of non-physical aggression, in regards to race, culture, or gender are called microaggressions. These brief and routine acts of ignorance are intentional and unintentional hostile or derogatory racial slights, and subtle insults against minorities, which can be further undermined when addressing someone's gender, sexual orientation or ability.

Puerto Rico's La Parranda & Other Navidad Celebrations that Stem from Spain, Guatemala and Mexico

Navidad sings carols of no-holds-barred celebration for Latinos. The season of snow, love, wonderment, and family togetherness promises a number of opportunities for Latino families to interact, reconnect and spend time over full plates of roasted pig, tamales, arroz con grandules and tostones. From nation to nation, the celebration is different, but some things remain the same: different items tend to cook on the stove, and different songs are generally sung in rejoice, but the generosity, the spirit, the nourishment and the respect for ritual remain the same. La Parranda, Misa De Gallo, Las Posadas, and Carta al Nino Dios are just four examples of how nations of Latinos celebrate during the holiday season.

Misa de Gallo & La Cena de Nochebuena: Latino Christmas Eve Celebrations

Nochebuena (“the Good Night”), more frequently called Christmas Eve, is a night of celebration within Latino households. While most Americans sit in anticipation of Christmas day, Latino celebrate early, gathering family and friends for a big dinner; an evening that also has plenty of music and gifts. Misa de Gallo (Midnight Mass) occurs on the eve of Christmas to commemorate the birth of Jesus, which took place at midnight. Many mass-goers attend service with a baby Jesus figurine so that it can be blessed before placing it back in their nativity.

Latinos & Tattoos: Skin Art that Runs Deep in Latin Tradition

The dermis layer of the skin is met with a hand-held device that utilizes electromagnetic coils to move an armature bar, which is connected to a barred needle that penetrates the skin, leaving behind permanent markings; known as tattoos. While tattoos have only been trendy in Western fashion since the 1970's, that in no way indicates that tattoos are a new concept, or are without a rich history.

Latino Startups to Look out for in 2014

Mark Clayton Hand, Oxford SBS Seed Fund co-founder, recently concluded a three-piece series on Latino startups, tracking some hurdles and high points that startups face as they move toward success.

ASPIRA: Helping to Better the Puerto Rican and Latino Community

When exceedingly high drop-out rates peaked as educational achievements were at an all-time low among Puerto Rican and Latino youth, a group formed with the mission of offering the community opportunities that would promote development, encourage empowerment, educational advancement, and deliverance from poverty. ASPIRA, which means “aspire” in Spanish, is the name of the organization, founded by Dr. Antonia Pantoja and a group of Puerto Rican educators and professionals in 1961.

"First Date" Actress Krysta Rodriguez Says the Broadway Show is "One-of-a-Kind"

New York City is alive with conversation, bright lights and people bumbling about with curiosity. Within the doors of one of its many restaurants, two individuals are undoubtedly sitting together for the first time, on a blind date, attempting to connect and find out if the person positioned across from him/her can better his/her life, or better yet, his/her evening. "First Date," the new Broadway play starring Zachary Levi ("Chuck") and Euro-Latina actress Krysta Rodriguez ("Smash"), captures that experience in a 90-minute performance that is over-run with wit and charisma.
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