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Economic Analysts Predict Latinos Will Account for 40 Percent of US Employment Increase Over Next 5 Years

Economic analysts are preparing the U.S. for a future where Latinos will account for more than 40 percent of the increase in U.S. employment.
Furious 7

April Movie Preview 2015: 'Furious 7,' 'Ex Machina' and More Among the Films Showcasing Latinos

The month of April will once again showcase the best in Latino actors, directors and culture.
Chef Pepín

SABOR: 'Despierta América's' Chef Pepín Shares His Recipe for Success & Longevity

"Despierta America's'" treasured Chef Pepín has perfected his recipe for success - by adding generous heaps of authenticity, a genuine engagement with his loyal fans, love for the Latino community and his infectious humor and humility. This is one recipe where you can splurge and indulge in large portions, for all of these ingredients are hard to come by these days. The Cuban-American culinary pioneer, who spoke to Latin Post in an exclusive interview, encompasses the essence of our "Sabor" series for he truly savors every moment, has a passion for cooking, but most importantly he has a zest for life.
Juanes -

Juanes to Perform 'McFarland, USA's' Track at 2015 Grammy Awards, Movie Actor Johnny Ortiz Thrilled by News (EXCLUSIVE)

Colombian rock star Juanes has been added to the 2015 Grammy Awards line-up and will perform the first Spanish-language, original Latin music song performance in the last ten years at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards.
Founder and Owner of Dyckman Beer Company,

SABOR: How Dyckman Beer Co. Founder Juan Camilo Found Success at NYC's First Latino-Owned Brewery

Dyckman Beer Co. founder Juan Camilo took a chance and never looked back leaves the corporate finance world to launch New York City's first and only Latino-owned beer brewing company.
Puerto Rican-American Author Anjanette Delgado Talks Her New Book, Explains Difference Between

PALABRAS: Puerto Rican-American Author Anjanette Delgado Talks Her New Book, Explains the Difference Between "Latino" and "Hispanic"

Puerto Rican-American author Anjanette Delgado wanted to know how and why love turns into hate when she wrote "The Clairvoyant of Calle Ocho." The question was formed when she was being raised by her mother and an abusive and sadistic father in a Puerto Rican "caserío" and it persisted even after she, her sister and her mother escaped to New York City during the late 1970s.
La Casa de Mi Padre

Oscar 2015 Prediction: What Latinos Can Be Nominated Oscars?

The Academy Award nominations are still about six months away, but a number of contenders have already begun to appear. Among those possible contenders are a variety of Hispanic actors and directors.
Pablo Montero

Source: Pablo Montero is Receiving Death Threats

Pablo Montero is allegedly receiving threatening phone calls every day.
Juan Gabriel Diego Boneta

Juan Gabriel Health News on Instagram: Singer Is Looking Good in New Picture Shared by Diego Boneta

Juan Gabriel looks healthy in a new picture shared by Diego Boneta.
Cristian Castro

Singer and Twitter Spectacle Cristian Castro Quits Social Media Site; See Top Memes He Inspired

"Sorry, no more Tweets," he simply said.

Tito Torbellino Knew Life Was in Danger Before Murder

Tito Torbellino even said that every job "has it risks."
Jose Alberto Castro

Jose Alberto Castro Splits From Angelique Boyer: Star is 40 Pounds Lighter and Back With New Telenovela

El Güero explains that his weight loss is not because of his split from Angelique Boyer.

'Breaking Bad' Star Gustavo "Gus" Fring, Mick Jagger, Joseph Gordon-Levitt Tap Into Re-Vintaged Style, Hat Revival, Says Austin's Hat Box

Throughout history, hats have made a statement in entertainment, politics and pop culture as a symbol of sophistication, "status, occupation, and even political affiliation." Upon a visit to Austin, Texas, to attend the Pachanga Latino Music Festival, Latin Post got a closer look at some of the finest hats made in the world, including Vivien Sheriff’s finest English hats and headpieces as well as the Borsalino of Italy, Christy's of London at the Hatbox: A Modern Haberdashery.

Latin Grammy Nominee Farruko Will Have First Digital Concert on Thursday Night

Watch Farruko perform and give his songs a little twist.

US-born Latinos Driving Hispanic Population Growth As Immigration Rates Decline

Hispanic nativity has shifted, according to a new Pew Hispanic report detailing the recent decline in the percentage of the U.S. Latino population that is foreign-born. At the same time, the birthrates of U.S. Latinos are on the rise, overturning the longtime trend of Latino immigrants driving population growth.

New Study Shows Higher Risk for Depression, Smoking Among Acculturated Latinos

A newly published study has identified a particular common link between smoking and depression, and claims that acculturation is associated with depression and the use of tobacco among Latinos.
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