Lance Rios

Lance Rios of Being Latino, DigiBunch and Hispanicize Shares the Secrets of Marketing to Latinos

"Monolithic community" is not a phrase that describes the wide-spanning and vibrant Latino community. Latinos hail from many different countries and regions, representing different age groups, religions and understandings. Lance Rios, the president and founder of DigiBunch, company partner at Hispanicize and president and founder of Being Latino, recognizes that there isn't one product that appeals to all Latinos, all of the time.
Antonio Banderas

Antonio Banderas Promotes His Photography Project 'Women in Gold,' Explains He's Had Many Failures With Women

The actor talks about everything from acting to how he perceives women.
Carlos Almaraz

Getty Trust Encourages Latino and Latin American Art with $5 Million Grant

Forty-two museums are tracing the Latino and Latin American culture through art.
Revitalizing Las Parcelas

Hispanics in Philanthropy's HIPGive Contest Invites Latino Community to Give Back

The HIPGive contest, which merges technology and traditional philanthropy, is one of the biggest endeavors launched by the Latino charity juggernaut Hispanics in Philanthropy. The organization is widely recognized for growing a robust network of leaders, givers and members, all with an agenda that includes empowering and advocating for Latinos over a 30-year history of giving. Headed by HIP President Diana Campoamor, HIP has raised $45 million to fund emerging Latino and Latin American nonprofits and has found more than 170 benefactors to match funds, boosting HIP's impact.
Cecilia Galliano

Cecilia Galliano Talks About Raising 13-Year-Old Daughter; Star Also Has Younger Son

Cecilia Galliano talks about the struggles of raising a teenage daughter.
Ximena Navarrete

William Levy Keeping Quiet on Love Life PLUS Why Did His Rumored Lover Upset Her Father's Neighbors?

Ximena Navarrete is upsetting people, while William Levy prefers to keep quiet about his personal life.
sabado gigante host Don Francisco

Chilean Man Says He Is Don Francisco's Son; Will TV Show Host Take DNA Test Again?

Patricio Flores Mundaca has reason to believe that past DNA tests have been tampered with. Now, he's demanding Don Francisco take the test again.
Niurka Marcos

Exes Niurka Marcos, Bobby Larios To See Each Other Tonight For First Time in 8 Years

These two had a messy breakup but have left the drama behind?

Marc Anthony's Ex-Wife Dayanara Torres Demands More Child Support, Anthony Says He's Rich But Not That Rich

The drama continues between Marc Anthony and ex-wife Dayanara Torres. She wants an increase in child support payments.
Prince Royce

Here's the Winners and Best Dressed from this Year's Billboard Latin Music Awards

Read this recap. You'll feel as though you watched it.
Ninel Conde

Ninel Conde Abortion Rumors: Despite Alleged Recording, Singer Says She Never Had Abortion

Ninel Conde continues to explain why she could never have an abortion.
Luis Miguel

Mexican Singer Luis Miguel Steps Out In 'Flawless' Outfit, Fashion Coordinator Says

Luis Miguel may not pay child support, but he has no problem dropping money on expensive clothing.
Juan Gabriel

Is Mexican Singer Juan Gabriel Sicker Than He Lets On? Source Says It's Cancer

Juan Gabriel may not be as healthy as he says he is. At least that's what sources say.
Oscar Torre

Cuban Actor Oscar Torre Talks the Hollywood Hustle, Latino Actors Past and Present

In his youth, Oscar Torre wanted to be a baseball star. He played often, invested time and energy into the sport, but lacked the skill and speed to make that dream a reality. Yet, becoming an actor was accidental for the motivated and eager film and screen star. "I fell into acting by chance," Torre said. "I had one more credit left in college, an elective. And my girlfriend at the time, I asked her to sign me up for a class. And, as a joke, she decided to sign me up for acting class, though I was quite shy."

Notario Públicos and their Notorious Criminal Acts Against Immigrants

In the midst of deportations, there's misery, loss and separation; and there are some who've decided to profit off of unsuspecting undocumented immigrants who are attempting to avoid relocation.
Cesar Chavez

Cesar Chavez: A Latino Civil Rights Leader's Life and Career Remembered

Chavez inspired a wave of Latino activism
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