FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler

FCC Finalizes Lifeline Modernization Proposal to Fix Digital Divide

Even in the age of seemingly ubiquitous Internet access in the U.S. there remains a persistent gap between those who can and cannot afford access to Internet connections and associated hardware. Known as the "digital divide," the FCC has a new plan to tackle the problem, and the vote on that plan is coming up soon.
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Presidential Candidates Challenged to Respond to Latino Agenda on Digital Divide, Media Diversity

What will the candidates for president do about technology and media issues that affect Latinos? That's the question the National Hispanic Media Coalition is now pressing.
FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler

FCC Wants to Fine Telecom Companies $29M for Scams Targeting Latinos in Puerto Rico, Nevada and Latin America

The FCC is proposing a big fine against four interrelated telecoms that have been accused of "slamming" and "cramming" their customers, reportedly targeting Latinos with the scam techniques

Digital Divide: 'Under-Connected' the New Challenge for Low-Income Latino Families - Study

A new study from the Joan Ganz Cooney center, an independence research lab that focuses on modern challenges to children's education, has revealed that of all low-income families, Latino immigrant families are more likely to be under-connected or not connected to the Internet at all. More broadly, the problem of being under-connected still faces many families on the other side of the digital divide.
FCC chairman Tom Wheeler Speaking at the Minority Media and telecommunications council on CSPAN

FCC Lifeline Modernization Urged to Overcome Digital Divide by NHMC, Congress Members

The digital divide -- the persistent gap between those who have affordable access to information technology and those who do not -- is among the many issues that the National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC) believes is holding Latinos in the U.S. back.
Paul Ryan House of Representatives

Federal Ban on Internet Access Taxes Looming

As Congress is rounding out its session for 2015, all signs point to a bipartisan agreement in both houses to permanently prevent state and local taxes on Internet service.
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Mobile Powers US Digital Latinos, But Latin America Is Becoming Next Mobile Battleground

Latinos have been the leading edge in adoption of mobile technology and smartphones in the U.S. since the beginning of the trend. Now Hispanics outside of the U.S. may take the reigns, as a boom in Latin America's mobile market is taking shape.
OTT Streaming Attitudes Latinos, Horowitz Research 2015 study

Latinos Still Leading Digital Entertainment Trends, But the Gap is Closing

Latinos are still over-indexing as a digital entertainment audience above other ethnic demographics and above the general population as a whole. But the study also shows the gap between leading digital Latinos, and everyone else, is starting to close.
Tim Cook at a special Apple event at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.

Tim Cook Opens Up About iPads in Classroom, Apple's Part in ConnectED & Diversity on GMA [Watch]

On Monday, Apple CEO spoke to Good Morning America about the company's role connecting "99 percent" of students to 21st century technologies in the classroom. "I think technology has to be a key part" of public education, he said. "That's why we're here."
Blacks and Latinos getting News from YouTube

Digital Divide Fades Among Millennial Social Media & News Consumers

Latinos and black millennials are technologically connected and consume social media and news content at similar levels to their White counterparts and the national average, according to a new poll by the American Press Institute and The Associated Press.
More Latinos Using Mobile Devices, Using Internet For News

Latinos Still Owning Key Digital Technology User Trends

A 2015 study of Latinos' digital habits confirms that U.S. Hispanic consumers are still leading key technology and digital trends.
President Obama

Obama's Three-Part Attack on the Digital Divide and the New Paradigm of Universal Internet Connectivity

The Obama administration has taken several steps in the past few months to expand high-speed Internet connectivity to more low-income Americans, including many Latinos, who remain on the inauspicious side of the "digital divide."
FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler

The FCC's Latest Vote May Help Low-Income Americans, and Millions of Latinos, Get Home Broadband Internet

On Thursday, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to consider a plan that would modernize Lifeline -- a long-running FCC program that provides subsidies for phone service to underprivileged households -- to include broadband internet.
DISH Network Sling TV: Sling Latino

Sling TV CEO Roger Lynch Talks Sling Latino, Internet TV, and Apple [Exclusive]

Last week, DISH Network's Internet TV service Sling TV launched two low-cost stand-alone base packages curated for Latinos, called Sling Latino.
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Latinos' 'Essential' Uses for Smartphones and One Persistant Gap in the Digital Divide

A closer look at recent research on the uses of smartphones belies the argument that smartphones are closing the digital divide.
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While Ahead of the Digital Curve, Many Latinos Are Also 'Smartphone-Dependent' - Pew

Latinos, especially upwardly mobile millennials, have been shown by many studies to be "ahead of the digital curve" when it comes to being tuned into cutting edge digital media, as well as smartphone ownership and useage. In fact, Latinos own smartphones at a rate that's almost 10 percent higher than the U.S. national average, as we previously reported.
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