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The Web at 25: Pew Study Finds the Internet More Essential Than Ever

With the World Wide Web turning 25 this year, the Pew Research Internet Project unveiled a massive study (with more to come) looking at how Americans' lives and attitudes have changed over the course of the Web's life.
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Google Adds Some Latino-Heavy Cities to Possible Fiber List: If They Make the Cut

Google announced recently it was considering some new cities for its Google Fiber internet service, including some heavily Latino cities. But can they make the cut?

National Latino Groups Respond to Comcast Merger, FCC Plans with Optimism, Skepticism

With the Federal Communications Commission going back to the drawing board on Net Neutrality and Comcast recently announcing its proposed take-over of Time Warner Cable, the internet landscape as we know it is changing. National Latino organizations are reacting - with what could be described as "skeptical optimism."
latino, latina, smartphone, technology, internet

U.S. Latinos Are "Ahead of the Digital Curve" - Nielsen Study

"Hispanics are ahead of the digital curve" according to a new report from Nielsen, which found that the average Latino is more likely to own a smartphone and frequently use cutting-edge digital media on the internet.
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Anticipation As FCC Prepares Next Net Neutrality Move

All eyes are on Federal Communications Commission Chariman Tom Wheeler, as he is expected to release his plan for how to respond to the court decision stripping, at least temporarily, the FCC's ability to enforce its Open Internet Rules (the commission's version of Net Neutrality).

National Hispanic Media Coalition on FCC Doubling Funding for School Internet Program

The Federal Communications Commission announced that it plans to double the money it's spending on faster internet connections in public schools and libraries. The initiative was part of President Obama's State of the Union address, where he promised that 15,000 schools would get faster, better internet access.
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Latino Journalist and Filmmaker Groups: Tell Tom Wheeler To Protect Net Neutrality

More Latino organizations are calling on the Federal Communications Commission to protect Net Neutrality, after a Federal Appeals Court effectively struck down the agency's rules that enforced the policy.

Average Global Internet Speeds Increase: What About the U.S. and Latin America?

A new report on the state of the interent is out, showing a large increase in the average broadband bandwidth across the world. So how does the U.S. and Latin America fare in the global rankings?
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Low-Income California Latinos Get Computers from Latino Community Foundation for Health, Education

As part of a campaign to help increase low-income and monolingual Latinos' access to online education, as well as health care information, some groups in California are providing personal computers and internet access. One group in the San Francisco Bay Area have made strides, helped by a holiday-time campaign and fund drive.
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IBM and Deloitte Get .UNO Extension to Promote Spanish Brand Awareness Online

Another internet domain company has jumped on the opportunity to reach out to a worldwide Spanish-speaking audience: IBM and Deloitte have registered for a .UNO domain for their collaboration Trademark Clearinghouse, a sign that the Hispanic and Latin American-targeted .UNO domain is continuing to gain steam.

AOL Partners with MiTú Network in Bid for a Hip Latino Audience

AOL hasn't been mentioned much in online conversations since the late 1990s, but the company is trying to change that by reaching out to hip, growing, and increasingly moneyed audiences - and it's found the online Latino demographic a perfect target. The company just closed a licensing deal with multi-channel Latino web video network MiTú.

Pope Francis Calls the Internet a "Gift from God," Points Out Problems Including the Digital Divide

Latinos are one of the fastest growing segments of internet users, which also happens to be predominantly Catholic. For Catholics, if there was any doubt that Pope Francis like the internet (he tweets from his account @Pontifex), there isn't now: Pope Francis has called the internet a "gift from God."
Professor Vikki Katz, Rutgers University - studying U.S. Latino Families and Technology adoption

Gates Foundation Awards Grant to Rutgers Professor Studying Low-Income Latino Families, Technology, and the Digital Divide

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has awarded a grant to Professor Vikki Katz of Rutgers University to carry out research on how low-income Latino families in the U.S. may adopt and use technology to help the next generation grow and learn.
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Study: Digital Divide Not Race-Based and Bridged by Smartphones? Not So Fast

A recent study by the Pew Internet and American Life Project appears to support the controversial claim that the "digital divide" - the disparity in internet technology and access that has traditionally been defined as between American Whites and minorities, is not actually an inequality based on race anymore, but instead an economic problem. However, that conclusion must take into account smartphone internet access as if it's equal to desktop-based broadband, which it is not.
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