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FCC Adopts Strong Net Neutrality Rules, Treating Internet Providers Like Utilities

On Thursday morning, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission voted on a new Open Internet policy, grounded by strong federal authority that treats Internet service providers similarly to utilities. Adoption of the new rules -- which prevent ISPs from blocking or slowing any lawful Internet traffic or charging companies like Netflix for faster delivery -- is considered a victory for Net Neutrality advocates.
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"Latinos" and the Digital Divide: It's Complicated -- Report

Often the Digital Divide -- the gulf between those online and those who don't or can't access the Internet -- is described as one of the challenges affecting Latinos in the U.S. But everyone knows that demographic terms are broad and inexact, and that's especially true with the word "Latino," which is a catchall word for the most diverse and quickly-growing demographic in the U.S.
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Op-Ed: Historic FCC Open Internet Vote A Boon For Latino Entrepreneurs, Content Creators, Consumers

In a February 24th opinion piece, Jose Marquez, the President and CEO of Latinos in Information Sciences and Technology Association (LISTA), opined that Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Tom Wheeler's proposed Open Internet rules that would prevent blocking, throttling, and paid fast lanes online would, inexplicably, harm Latinos. The FCC is set to vote on these rules on February 26th.
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Digital Divide: Latino and Education Groups Praise FCC's Proposed Funding Boost to Modernize E-Rate, Increase Internet Access

This week FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler announced plans to increase funding for E-Rate, a federal program that helps connect schools and libraries in neighborhoods in need to the Internet.
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Comcast Ups the Charm Offensive During TWC Merger Review

Well, it may not reach the level of "charm," but Comcast is certainly trying to improve the generally offensive reputation it has built over the years, just as the federal government is reviewing its proposed merger with Time Warner Cable.

FCC Net Neutrality Debate Causes Split, Tensions Among Latino Groups

The FCC Net Neutrality debate has caused division between minority and Latino advocacy organizations, sparking a war of words between two, in particular.

Comcast-Time Warner Merger Reviewed in New York; Is This Good for Latinos?

New York City comptroller Scott Stringer told the New York State Public Service Commission (PSC) Monday that in order for a Comcast-Time Warner merger to go through, the state requires a promise of better Internet service.

Latino Watchdogs Call for Strongest Net Neutrality as First FCC Open Internet Comment Deadline Expires

Latino watchdogs and advocacy groups are putting a lot of pressure on the FCC over Net Neutrality and its proposed new Open Internet rules.
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Hispanic Advocacy Groups Call On FCC to Abandon Its New Open Internet Rules

Earlier this week, a large coalition of internet companies released an open letter to the Federal Communications Commission warning that its purported new Open Internet rules, ostensibly meant to protect net neutrality, actually "represents a grave threat to the Internet." Now a large coalition of interest groups, including some prominent Latino organizations, has done the same.
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Pulpo Media Announces New Digital Marketing Platform for Understanding, Reaching Acculturated Latinos

Pulpo Media, a digital Hispanic marketing agency, has announced a new data-driven platform to help companies better reach important segments of the Latino market. The platform, built on U.S. Census data and "terabytes" of proprietary data, is designed to help identify segments of the Latino population that conventional marketers might be missing.

National Hispanic Media Coalition Criticizes Possible FCC Open Internet Rules

The Federal Communications Commission will release a proposal soon to reinstate its Open Internet rules in a new form, after a federal court struck down the current incarnation of the FCC's net neutrality-friendly rules. But the new rules may not not enshrine certain net neutrality principals, leading tech watchers and advocacy groups, including the National Hispanic Media Coalition, to preemptively condemn the changes.
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Comcast's Competitors? Cable Giant Sees Many Rivals in Arguing For TWC Merger - Part 3: Digital Divide

Cable giant Comcast has put forth a long, complicated argument in favor of its acquisition of cable giant Time Warner Cable. In part three of this series "Comcast's Competitors?" we'll look at Comcast's argument for expanding its efforts at bridging the digital divide - the nationwide problem of internet access and affordability for low-income families - to TWC's territory.
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Comcast's Competitors? Cable Giant Sees Many Rivals in Arguing For TWC Merger - Part 2: Wireless

Comcast filed its bid for buying Time Warner Cable with the Federal Communications Commission this week, and outlined its arguments in a blog post as well. In part two of a long, hard look at Comcast's arguments, let's discuss the rivals the largest cable operator in the U.S. sees in wireless telecoms.
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Latin America Howls for Internet Freedom, Pew Research Shows

Developing nations want the Internet to be free from censorship, and nowhere is this more prevalent than in Latin America.
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Obamacare's Latino Problem? Bad Marketing, Says Hispanic Marketing Firm in California

Latinos aren't signing up for the Affordable Care Act's healthcare marketplaces in droves, as President Obama's administration expected. Now a Hispanic market research firm in California says it has the reason why: the marketing was all wrong.
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Comcast Extends Low-Income Broadband Program in Campaign To Diminish Digital Divide, Merger Skepticism

Cable giant Comcast is extending its program to give low-income households cheap broadband internet access, as part of a public relations campaign leading up to the possible merger between Comcast and Time Warner Cable.
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