Pelicans' Jonas Valanciunas Drops Career-High 39 Points to Take Down LA Clippers

Pelicans' Jonas Valanciunas Drops Career-High 39 Points to Take Down LA Clippers

New Orleans Pelicans' Jonas Valanciunas scored 29 of his career-high 39 points in a spectacular first half to propel his team to another victory against the Los Angeles Clippers on Monday night.
NBA Free agent Jason Terry

NBA: 5 Free Agents the Lakers Should Consider Signing

The Los Angeles Lakers are coming off their worst season in franchise history. Here are five free agents the Lakers should consider signing.
Houston Rockets Shooting Guard James Harden

NBA Battle for Texas: Who Wins First Round Matchup, Rockets or Mavericks? (POLL)

The Houston Rockets and Dallas Mavericks will play each other in the first round of the Western Conference NBA playoffs. Latin Post breaks down this exciting matchup, and lets you vote in our NBA fan poll.
New Orleans Pelicans Power Forward Anthony Davis

NBA: Why Anthony Davis is the League MVP So Far This Season

The 2014-15 NBA season is more than halfway complete, and we have multiple players who are worthy of the Most Valuable Player Award. Because of his value to the team, Anthony Davis deserves to be the top MVP candidate so far this season.
Could The Rockets Land Deron Williams Before NBA Trade Deadline?

Could The Rockets Land Deron Williams Before NBA Trade Deadline?

The Houston Rockets are playing great basketball this NBA season thanks to James Harden. Although they sit stop the Southwest division standings, trade rumors are swirling around that the team could make a run for a point guard this season. The Brooklyn Nets have been shopping point guard Deron Williams, and he could end up with the Rockets.
NBA Superstars Dwight Howard and Anthony Davis; Who's Better?

NBA: Which Big Man Would You Take: Anthony Davis or Dwight Howard? (POLL)

Anthony Davis and Dwight Howard are regarded as the two best big men in the NBA today. Which one do you think is better? Latin evaluates the two players and lets you vote on a winner.
NBA Trade Rumors: With Rajon Rondo, Are Dallas Mavericks Best Team in the NBA?

Are Dallas Mavericks Top Team in NBA With Rajon Rondo? (VOTE)

The Dallas Mavericks recently traded for former Boston Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo. With this addition, the Mavericks have arrived as a top tier team in the NBA's Western Conference. But, are they the best team in the league?
New York Knicks Small Forward Carmelo Anthony

NBA: 5 Teams That Could Trade for Carmelo Anthony This Season

The New York Knicks are facing a difficult stretch in their season. There's a possibility Carmelo Anthony may waive his no trade clause, and you can bet plenty of teams will show a lot of interest. Latin lists five teams who could trade for Anthony before the deadline.
Can Oklahoma City Thunder Make Playoffs With Kevin Durant?

NBA: Can Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook Lead Oklahoma City Thunder to Playoffs? [POLL]

No team in the NBA has suffered worse injuries this season than the Oklahoma City Thunder. Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant are back in the lineup, and they are ready to guide the Thunder to the postseason. Do you think they will make it?
Miami Heat Power Forward Chris Bosh

Rankings the Top 5 Best Power Forwards in the NBA

The 2014-15 NBA season is underway, and it's time to rank the top five best power forwards in basketball. Everything is taken into account such as offense, passing, defense, shooting and even free throws. Latin ranks the top five power forwards in the NBA today.
Is Jeremy Lin on His Way Out of Houston?

NBA: What the Houston Rockets Trade of Omer Asik Means for Jeremy Lin

The Houston Rockets are clearing cap space this off-season. The team recently traded away center Omer Asik in exchange for a first round pick. Does this mean Jeremy Lin is on his way out? Or could it mean that a superstar is on his way in?

NBA Suspends Bucks' Star O.J. Mayo 1 Game For Punching Player's Throat

The NBA announced that Milwaukee Bucks guard O.J. Mayo would be suspended for one game following Friday night's game where the star punched New Orleans Pelicans center Greg Stiemsma in the throat.
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