Best Buy to Have PS4 and Xbox One Deals In Stock for Holidays

Sony's PlayStation 4 and Microsoft's Xbox One have both been released just in time for the holidays, but will there be enough to go around?

PS4 and Xbox One Launch Titles on Amazon

The new PlayStation 4 and Xbox One aren't any fun without their launch titles. Thanks to Black Friday and Amazon, gamers can get their hands on next-gen launch titles for cheaper.

Microsoft Sales Match Sony in Next Gen Console Battle, Both Xbox One and PS4 Out of Stock

Microsoft's Xbox One debuted on Friday is flying off of shelves just like Sony's PlayStation 4.
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GameStop Runs Out of Playstation 4s Before Christmas

Sony's PlayStation 4 was only released a week ago, but retailer GameStop has already sold out of the video game console.

Xbox One Sales Update: 1 Million Units Sold Out In Just One Day

Microsoft Corp made a big bang selling over 1 million units of Xbox One in just 24 hours since it hit the store shelves on Friday. This just made it even with its main competitor PlayStation 4 of Sony Corp which was launched in more countries around the globe.
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Sony PlayStation Vita, PS4 Bundle Coming in Time For Christmas Shopping

Sony's new video game console, the PlayStation 4, was released on Nov. 15, but the "Ultimate Bundle" is coming soon and just in time for the holidays.

PS4 vs. Xbox One Reviews, Specs, Features, Preview: Which New-Gen Console Is Better? [POLL]

The Playstation 4 was released less than a week ago and the Xbox One will be released this week. As we remain sandwiched between releases, the big question remains: Which platform is better?

Xbox One vs. PS4: Music Playing Capabilities Limited

Gamers who purchase an Xbox One will not be able to play music from USB sticks at the time Microsoft launches the video game console on Friday.
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Sony CEO Says There Will Be Enough PS4s in Stock for the Holidays

Sony launched the PlayStation 4 on Nov. 15, and during its first 24 hours on the United States' and Canada's shelves, the video game console sold one million units. According to a Sony' CEO, however, there will still be enough PS4s to go around this holiday season.

Playstation 4 Problems, Issues & Bug Fixes: Sony Releases Blue Light Problem Troubleshooting Guide

After celebrating high sales figure for their newest gaming gadget Playstation 4, Sony is coming up with a troubleshooting guide that will help gamers fix several bugs and errors like the common blue light problem.

Xbox One Live Gameplay Twitch Streaming No Longer Available at Launch

Microsoft's newest video game console, the Xbox One, will launch this Friday, Nov. 22, but one of its features will not be fully functional.

Microsoft Xbox One Team and Sony PlayStation 4 Team Support One Another's Launches

Sony released its newest video game console, the PlayStation 4 last Friday. Its biggest competitor, Microsoft's Xbox One, will be released this Friday. Instead of attacking one another, however, the two companies are being friendly and supportive toward one another.
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Sony Troubleshoots PS4 Blinking Blue Light Issue Plaguing Release

Sony released its newest video game system, the PlayStation 4 on Nov. 15, but a pesky blue light has many gamers upset.

Sony Sells 1 Million PlayStation 4 Units in One Day, But Does That Guarantee Console's Success?

Sony Computer Entertainment released the PlayStation 4, its newest video game console, on Nov. 15th and sold one million systems in just 24 hours.

PlayStation 4 Consoles In Stock, But Few Big Black Friday Discounts Expected

Gamers & tech-nerds looking for deals on the much-coveted PS4 are going to have to wait a little longer than the day after Thanksgiving to get any significant discounts...if they can get the PS4 at all.

PS4 Gamers Experience Network Overload on PSN

The Playstation 4 is so popular in its first 24 hours on the market that the Playstation Network is already facing problems due to an overload of gamers
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