PS4 Sales Reaches 6 Million Worldwide After Japan Release

Sony’s game console has hit the 6 million mark in sales after the PS4’s recent launch in Japan.

Xbox One vs. PS4 Games, Sales & Comparison: Tomb Raider Dominates On PS4; Is Sony Pulling Away in Console War?

Microsoft tried to establish its Xbox One as a global platform when it initially launched the console in more countries than rival Sony's Playstation 4 back in November. Now in February, the move looks more and more like a desperate attempt.

PS4 vs. Xbox One: Sony Downplays Huge Sales Lead Over Microsoft

Shortly after Microsoft announced to the world that more than 3 million Xbox One game consoles had been sold, Sony one-upped its rival by announcing that 4.2 million Playstation 4 consoles have been sold.

PS4 vs. Xbox One: Both Consoles Closing In On 3 Million Units Sold?

Sony representatives said in November that they expected to see 3 million PS4 units sold by years end

Xbox One and PS4 News, Rumors, Specs, Features: Analyst Expects "Balanced Sales" Heading Into 2014

The console war is only beginning

Xbox One On Track to Sell Better Than PlayStation 4?

After a slow start, the Xbox One seems to have caught up to its arch-rival, the Playstation 4.
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