Seth Rogen at Emmy Awards 2021

Los Angeles County Officials Claps Back at Seth Rogen; Defends Maskless Emmy Awards 2021

Los Angeles officials defend the Emmy Awards 2021 for going maskless after Seth Rogen jokingly complained about the protocols in the event.
Kerry Washington on Primetime Emmy Awards 2021

Kerry Washington Honors Michael K. Williams in the Primetime Emmy Awards 2021

Kerry Washington honors Micahel K. Wiliams on 2021 primetime Emmy Awards while Seth Rogen complains about the ceremony's COVID protocol.
Seth Rogen Hosts Hilarity For Charity's Head To Head Virtual Game Night, Presented By Biogen

Seth Rogen on Cancel Culture: Comedians Should Stop Complaining

The 39-year-old, Canadian native actor stated that there are certain jokes that aged well, and for him, it is the nature of comedy. He also shared that he thinks that comedy movies are sound and there is a reason why they have lasted even today.
The Interview Cast

James Franco & Seth Rogen to Work on 'The Disaster Artist'

James Franco and Seth Rogen will take on "The Disaster Artist" after years of development.
'The Interview' Movie Review: Why Was Everyone Fussing Over This Recycled Celebration of American Stupidity?

'The Interview' Movie Review: Why Was Everyone Fussing Over This Recycled Celebration of American Stupidity?

People who enjoy the fart jokes, man-children, homophobic slurs, stereotypes, cliches and objectifying women in movies will probably get a kick out of "The Interview." But those wondering what the big fuss is all about will probably leave their respective viewing experience wondering why they wasted their time in the first place.
The Interview Cast

Sony Officially Pulls 'The Interview'

Sony Pictures has pulled The Interview and cancelled it's December 25th release.
Movies, Zac Efron, Seth Rogen, Neighbors

'Neighbors' Movie Review: The Zac Efron & Seth Rogen Comedy Is Hilarious & Insighful

"Neighbors" is everything you would want out of a summer movie. While admittedly unrealistic in some of its wilder antics, the film manages to blend hilarity and entertainment with some emotional depth and unique characters. The performances, particularly that of Efron, are top-notch in every respect.
high school musical

Zac Efron Wants to Do a 'High School Musical' Reunion Movie

Often, Disney Channel stars go out of their way to show they are no longer children entertainers. The stars of High School Musical, however, are an exception and are apparently not too big, old or famous to do a reunion movie.

New 'Console Wars' Movie Depicts Classic 90's Sega vs. Nintendo Rivalry

Produced by Scott Rudin with Writing by Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg to Write and Direct Sega vs. Nintendo "Console War" Movie

Shows the rivalry between the two game companies in the '90s
Seth Rogen's Gives Speech on Alzheimer's Disease

Seth Rogen Tesitifies for Alzheimers At Senate, Blasts Senators for Leaving Speech Early [WATCH]

Actor and comedian Seth Rogen gave an interview with CNN where he called out senators who chose not to attend his speech on Alzheimer's disease.
James Franco 2

James Franco Roast: Natasha Leggero, Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill Skewer Actor With Jokes and Insults

The man who does it all sat in front of a dais of comedians who didn't hold back.
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