Los Angeles County officials on Monday, defended the 2021 Primetime Emmy Awards on Monday after Seth Rogen jokingly complained over the COVID-19 protocols that were not observed during the ceremony.

It can be recalled that Rogen jokingly said that the awards-giving body lied to the artists, contending that the organizers of the Emmy claimed that the event would be held outdoors.

Before presenting the winner of the first category of the night, Rogen said that they were in a "hermetically sealed tent" and asked why there is a roof despite organizers from Emmys previously claimed that the event would be held outdoors.

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Los Angeles Officials Responds on Maskless Emmy Awards Backlash

Apart from Seth Rogen, online backlash also surfaced as the camera on the awards show revealed that all the attendees were not wearing their face masks during the event.

One Twitter user said that the artists were not wearing masks on Emmys because "rules are for the little people." Another said that Seth Rogen said what she was thinking as she saw that the gathering was held in a small room without masks and ventilation.

In a statement, the L.A. Department of Health underscored that due to the nature of Emmy Awards, the crowded venue does not violate any of the suggested safety guidelines, Fox News reported.

The department furthered that the guideline exceptions were made for television, film, and music productions, contending that "additional safety modifications" were established for such "controlled interactions."

"The Emmy Award Show is a television production, and persons appearing on the show are considered performers," the department pointed out in their statement, adding that all who appeared in the audience were fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

It can be recalled that organizers of the prestigious awards ceremony also clarified that attendees were required to test negative and vaccinated ahead of the show, as well as provide a negative RT-PCR COVID test before their admission.

Los Angeles officials also said in the statement that the Emmys reached out to the Public Health in advance to share their safety protocols.

Despite defending the Emmys for going maskless, the department highlighted that they will continue to review the protocols of future large television production events.

'Ted Lasso' Star Hannah Waddingham Responds to Seth Rogan Mispronouncing Her Name

Apart from complaining about the COVID protocols on the Primetime Emmy Awards 2021, Seth Rogan also made the headlines as he mispronounced Hannah Waddingham's name as he presented the winner of the category, outstanding supporting actress in a comedy series.

Instead of saying Waddingham, Rogan mispronounced the last name of the "Ted Lasso" star as Waddington. Waddingham said that she did not hear her last name mispronounced, as she went to stage, hugged her co-stars, and went straight to her acceptance speech.

"I didn't hear that. It's a brand-new information," Waddingham said in an interview. The comedy actress also said that she has to call Seth Rogen Seth Ragin.

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