Small business relief package

Small Business Leaders Clamor for a Standalone Relief Package

Coalition of small business organizations, the Small Business Roundtable, wrote a letter to a congressional leadership on behalf of 30 million small businesses.
California Gov. Gavin Newsom

California Expands Family Leave Protections for Small Business Workers

A new California law signed by Governor Gavin Newsom will now expand family leave protections of small business workers.
New York City councilman on outdoor dining

Outdoor Dining Can Revive Small Businesses in NYC, Says Councilman

As coronavirus cases continue to grow across the country, many businesses and establishments are struggling to stay afloat.

No Stimulus Checks: Support These Small Businesses in Mexico

Unlike other countries, Mexico has not released stimulus checks to support its citizens so supporting small businesses will eventually help them survive and therefore avoid laying off their workers.
small cafe

Marginalized Businesses Are Lifting Each Other Up

Minority groups in the U.S. have had a good run with their businesses despite the challenges that come with setting up. It may prove more challenging to maintain during an economic crisis, where production, sales, and supply are affected by the pandemic.
Local business

Forecast on Small Businesses in the US Amid COVID-19 Crisis

Find out about the prediction on small businesses in the US amid the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.
United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Javier Palomarez

Diverse Chamber Presidents Discuss Small Business Ownership, Credit Readiness

Diverse chamber presidents and Wells Fargo's head of government and community relations, Jon Campbell, recently sat down to discuss a $1.2 million investment to fund training opportunities for diverse-owned small business leaders across the nation.
Maria Contreras-Sweet

Small Business Groups Aim to Bridge Youth, Millennial Unemployment Gap

Two small business organizations have teamed to encourage and boost youth employment.
Powerful Women

Latina Entrepreneurship: Hispanic Women Own Nearly 1.5 Million Businesses Nationwide

Women-owned business growth has been swelling for years. Non-white, multicultural women are the secret force behind overall progress and the introduction of more than $1.5 trillion in revenue to the nation's economy, according to a new report.
donald Trump

Donald Trump Proves Popular With Small Business Owners, Easily Tops Hillary Clinton in Post-GOP Debate Poll

Following the first Republican presidential debate, real estate businessman Donald Trump appears to have the support of the small business industry based on a post-debate survey.
Maria Contreras-Sweet

TURNOUT: Latino, Millennial, Immigrant Entrepreneurs Play 'Enormous' Role in US Economy, Says SBA Maria Contreras-Sweet

Latinos have said job creation and fixing the economy is among their most important issues that politicians should address during the midterm election, according to Latino Decisions 2014 Election Eve Poll, and U.S. Small Business Administration Administrator Maria Contreras-Sweet has been helping Latinos enter into small business ventures.
Barack Obama

President Barack Obama Nominates Three Latinos to Key Roles, Including ICE and Small Business Administration

President Barack Obama announced his latest nominations to "key" administration posts, including three Latinos, which could affect immigration management.

Spanish-Language Seminars Teach Latinas Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship

Spanish-language Latina Hope classes are equipping Hispanic women in South Texas with the necessary tools required to launch their own craft businesses, also helping those with pre-existing craft businesses to function more professionally.
Maria Contreras-Sweet Head of Small Business Administration

Latina Businesswoman Maria Contreras-Sweet Confirmed as Head of Obama's Small Business Administration

In a time when congressional action is slow, at best, the U.S. Senate confirmed the third-ever Latina to head a Presidential Cabinet position. On Thursday, Maria Contreras-Sweet, a long-time leader in the Hispanic business community, was confirmed as the head of the Small Business Administration.
Small Business Saturday

Immigrants' Startups Lead to National and Local Economic Growth

“Latinos are taking all of our jobs” is a statement that’s been disproven time-and-time again, but indisputable evidence that the contrary is true comes in the form of proof that immigrants are keen entrepreneurs, actually offering more jobs to the American job market, helping to enhance the local and national economy.

Government Offers Relief to Borderland Establishments

Several small non-agricultural establishments in the Paso del Norte borderland are eligible of loans through the U.S. Business Administration, due to droughts extending across the region.
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