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Which NFL Team Will have More Support at Super Bowl? (POLL)

The 2015 Super Bowl is just over a week away. Offense, defense, special teams and coaching will all determine an NFL champion for this season. But many football fans are curious to see whether the Patriots or the Seahawks will have more support in this year's big game.

Ecuador is the No. 1 Retirement Haven in the World: Find Out Why & Which Other Latin Nations Made the List

South America is calling your name... particularly after you've given 20+ years to your respective occupation, and you're good and tired and ready to enjoy your retirement. You've earned it, and when you choose retirement destination, do so with confidence and excitement.
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Southern Expansion: U.S. Hospitality,Travel Brands Expand Into the Latin American Market

Economy lodging brands and airlines that are iconic in the U.S. have shown interest in Latin America, choosing to develop a connection with its southern neighbor and the independent islands that comprise Latin America.

How to Make Traditional Mayan Food in Your Own Home

The Guatemalan-U.S. partnership Cultiva Tours impresses upon foodies the charming qualities of Guatemalan The new Guatemalan-U.S. partnership Cultiva Tours educates foodies about the charming qualities of Guatemalan cuisine and artistry, by way of authentic Guatemalan food and drink producers, hotels, farms and restaurants with top chefs.

Bon Bini, Bienviendo and Welcome to Aruba: A Nation That Thrives on Multiculturalism and Multilingualism

Aruba draws tourists due to its natural beauty, its multicultural and multilingual convictions, and its promise and slogan that it is "One Happy Island."
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Rio de Janeiro, The Bahamas and Eight More Vacation Spots That Draw Hispanic Millennials

Urban areas with large Hispanic populations tend to draw more Hispanic vacationers, compared to other destinations in the U.S. And when traveling abroad, Hispanics like to go where they have a semblance of kinship and relative roots.
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Mexico, Central America Among Most Popular Vacation Destinations for US Hispanics

Latinos truly value their vacation time, more so than Americans overall. Hispanics take time off of work each year, primarily during the summer and/or the holiday season.
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Skateboards & Mode of Transportation: New Electric Skateboard Can Go Miles on One Charge

Tony Hawk may be the king of the half-pipe, but now you to can shred like a pro with a brand new Marble Skateboard.
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Pro-Cuba Group Urges United States to Change Policy on Cuba

Group wants changes to occur quickly.

American Airlines Revamping their Frequent Flier Program

More miles will be needed for certain award tickets.
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Here's Our List of the Best Laptop Bags Based on Price, Style and Storage

Did you buy a new laptop and want to protect it?
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Top 10 Most Popular International Tourist Destinations: Asian Cities Pave The Way

Trend reflects travel tastes of Asians who are travelling more

Cruise Ship Sickness Review: Will Food Poisoning and Drunk Captains Await Your Next Voyage?

Cruise Ships used to have a great reputation.

Five Latin American Nations Named in New York Times Must Visit in 2014

The New York Times compiled their annual list of 52 Places for jetsetters to visit for the optimum amount of beauty, experience and exploration; and Latin American counties appeared throughout the list for 2014. Ecuador, Brazil, Belize, Uruguay, and the Dominican Republic were named some of the premier destination spots in the world, though Cape Town, South Africa topped the list.
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Cheap International Flight Deals 2014: Top Budget Friendly Getaway Destinations

This winter has been - and continues to be - a brutal one in the United States. Naturally, this makes for a perfect time to start looking at potential vacations in 2014 to escape the cold weather and the tedious work schedule

Top 10 Cities in the U.S. and Top 25 in the World: Which West Coast and Latin-inspired Locations Made the Cut?

What makes a city a true gem? Is it the climate, culture, food, tourist attractions or the friendliness of its people? All of the above - and the best people to determine the crème de la crème of cities are real "travelers, not tourists."
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