Cancun Mexico-Dreams Resort

Is Spring Break in Mexico a Good Idea?

Mexico still welcomes tourists however, officials urge caution due to the coronavirus outbreak.
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Traveler Beware: Tourists Who Died or Were Attacked in Mexico

Is it safe to travel to Mexico? These tragic stories serve as a grisly reminder of just how dangerous Mexico can be.
5 Things You Must Not Do When Backpacking in South America

5 Things You Must Not Do When Backpacking in South America

Before you plan to go backpacking in the Latin American continent, take note of these five things you must not do.
Why You Should Visit Brazil This 2020

Why You Should Visit Brazil This 2020

Aside from its picturesque view and a party scene, there are more reasons why you should take the opportunity to visit Brazil this 2020.
Top 4 Places to Visit in Argentina

4 Places to Visit in Argentina for 2020 Travels

Find out here the places to visit when traveling to Argentina.
Top 10 Reasons to Visit Brazil in 2020

10 Reasons to Travel to Brazil in 2020

Here are 10 reasons why Brazil should be part of your 2020 travel list.
Travel to the most amazing places in the United States

Travel to the Most Amazing Places in the United States

Almost everyone wants to be in some of the most amazing places in the world for vacation or other reasons. There are several beautiful and amazing places around the world that one could visit to have a nice experience, but the problem is finding a perfect place because when one has to consider some important factors before choosing a perfect destination for one's vacation.
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5 Best Carry-On Luggages for All Your 2020 Trips

For travelers and wanderlusts, The Wirecutter recommends these carry-on luggage for your next trip.

5 Must-Have Travel Gadgets for Your Trip This 2020

The top five best travel gadgets that are available on Amazon.

6 Reasons Why You Should Visit Mexico This 2020

The home of telenovela has so much more to offer and here are six reasons why you should visit Mexico this 2020.
The Best Travel Backpacks for the Wanderlusts

The Best Travel Backpacks for 2020

Unleash the wanderlust in you this 2020 with these travel backpacks available on Amazon.
Extreme heat around the country could wreak havoc for air travel.

When It Gets So Hot That Planes Can't Even Fly

Get ready for a lot more airport headaches.

Hispanic Mobile Users More Likely to Use Smartphones for Travel

Savvy Hispanic mobile users are more likely to use their smartphones for travel inspiration, research and booking. Likewise, Hispanic millennials are likely to be spontaneous travellers, who use their phones for last minute flight research, hotels bookings and activities.

Home-Rental Marketplace Airbnb Offers Lodging Options to U.S. Travellers Visiting Cuba

The San Francisco-based community-driven, home-rental marketplace Airbnb features property listings located in more than 34,000 cities and 190 countries. And the latest nation to open its doors to U.S. travellers via Airbnb is Cuba.
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Barbadian Financier, Author Shares Best-Kept Secrets of Barbados [EXCLUSIVE]

The sovereign island nation Barbados is a tropical paradise, offering tranquil beaches, succulent food, radiant culture and pulsating nightlife, and decades upon decades of colorful history. "101 Things to Do and Places to See in Barbados," a book written by financier and author Russell Streeter, details the best-kept secrets and charms of the island.
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Which NFL Team Will have More Support at Super Bowl? (POLL)

The 2015 Super Bowl is just over a week away. Offense, defense, special teams and coaching will all determine an NFL champion for this season. But many football fans are curious to see whether the Patriots or the Seahawks will have more support in this year's big game.
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