Gay Marriage

Facebook Red Equal Sign: What The Symbol Means And Why It's All Over Social Networks

If you've been on Facebook in the past 24 hours then you may have noticed that more and more people are switching out their profile pictures for a photo of a red square with a pink equal sign.
Galaxy Note II

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Release Date: Rumors Says September Debut With Flexible Display

Rumors say the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is slated for a September debut with an unbreakable flexible screen.

Scientists Find A Carbon-Neutral Way To Turn CO2 Into Fuel Using Microorganisms

It's a well-known fact that carbon dioxide is one of the main culprits behind our planet's rising temperatures, but scientists from the University of Georgia have now created a microorganism that can make something useful out of the harmful gas in hopes of alleviating some of our planet's woes.
Invisibility Cloak

Scientists Say Invisibility Cloak, Like Harry Potter's, Can Mask Objects From Microwave Detection

The scientific pursuit of invisibility --- a la the cloak of invisibility used by the world's most popular fictional wizard, Harry Potter --- has in the past been weighed down by a number of rather cumbersome inventions.
Nintendo Wii U

Wii U Release Date, Price: Break Down of Features as Launch Day Approaches

Nintendo's Wii U will be available in North American retailers on Nov. 18. Nintendo will launch the console in two sets - deluxe and basic.
Orioles stun Rangers 5-1 to win wildcard

Orioles Stun Rangers 5-1 to Win Wildcard

The Baltimore Orioles' improbable ride continued on Friday when they hammered the two-time defending American League (AL) champion Texas Rangers 5-1 in the first ever one-game AL wildcard showdown.
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