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Division's Survival Expansion Now Available In PS4

First Posted: Dec 22, 2016 11:02 AM EST
Annual Gaming Industry Conference E3 Takes Place In Los Angeles

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"The Division" has gone pro! Ubisoft recently released a second video for the "Survival" game announcing that it will be available for the PS4. While it is not going to upscale the game to dazzling 4k, it expected however to make some improvements to the game.

PS4 patch enables the UI and menus to render at native 4k as the game itself continues to renders in 1080p. According to Ubisoft, the new update brings support for Playstation 4 Pro as well as in the Survival DLC which has already been out for over month on PC and Xbox One.

The update weighs in at 2.86GB and is now rolling out to PlayStation 4 owners around the globe who owned a copy of the Division game. The quality of the shadows and reflections has been improved which eventually add to the sense of immersion.

NeoGAF user "PackAPuchedMick" show few screen captures presenting the new updated reflections. Players who have a Season Pass need to download the Survival DLC from the PSN store before they can play it.

Despite the updates, some users are disappointed because the Pro patch did not take full advantage of the PS4 Pro and render the game at 4k. Therefore, the users should be reminded that The Division game is a technically demanding game which usually used for benchmarking.

What's more exciting is that the Survival DLC has been out on Xbox One and PC which gives users an entirely new way of playing the game and earning a new gear.

Regarding the gears, it doesn't matter whether the user is under geared or unprepared. The survival game starts off with just the basics and a pistol. Therefore, users don't need to have high-end loot. Moreover, they will be forced to forge their gear and scavenge for water and supplies to survive for a night. Doing their in the game will reward them with the intense boss fight and valuable loot.

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