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President Donald Trump Accuses Media Of Underreporting Attacks

First Posted: Feb 08, 2017 03:48 AM EST

In his speech at the U.S Central Command, President Donald Trump mentioned the recent extremist attacks that happened in San Bernardino, California, Boston, and Paris. And media, he said is dropping the ball on reporting such extreme attacks.

 "Radical Islamic terrorists are determined to strike our homeland," adding: "It's gotten to a point where it's not even being reported. And in many cases, the very, very dishonest press doesn't want to say it. They have their reasons, and you understand that " President Donald Trump said.

According to the Washington Post, President Donald Trump has accused the media of dishonesty for failing to report the terrorist attacks. However, a list was revealed by the White House containing several attacks such Orlando nightclub shooting that happened last June and the 2015 attacks in San Bernardino, California, and Paris which was extensively covered by the media.

President Donald Trump cited several series of recent attacks saying that it was not reported. He also added that the press were very dishonest for not wanting to report such attacks. President Donald Trump told the troops at MacDill Air Force Base in Florida that the media have their reasons why, but did not further elaborate beyond that.

President Donald Trump tweeted: "I call my shots, mostly based on an accumulation of data, and everyone knows it. Some FAKE NEWS media, to marginalize, lies!"

President Donald Trump initially cited no examples of the press's failure to report the terrorist attacks. According to Secretary Sean Spicer, terrorist attacks are not exactly covered to a degree in which they should be.

According to Politifact, President Donald Trump's claim has no support for the idea that the media refuse to report the terrorist attacks on U.S. The media is sometimes being cautioned when it comes to assigning religious motivation to a terrorist attack when they think that the facts are unclear or need to be investigated.

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