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NBA News: Nick Wright Thinks Kevin Durant Will Make The Warriors A Worse Team

First Posted: Feb 15, 2017 04:32 AM EST
NBA News: Nick Wright Thinks Kevin Durant Will Make The Warriors A Worse Team

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The Golden State Warriors have just matched their 2015-16 season on Monday night - and not in good fashion. Golden State's surprising loss to a young Denver Nuggets team was the Warriors' ninth defeat of the season; if we can all recall, Stephen Curry and company lost only nine games last season on their way to an NBA-record 73 wins.

While everyone can agree that a slight step back was to be expected as Golden State integrates Kevin Durant into their system and rotation, Fox Sports analyst and radio host Nick Wright doesn't believe that the addition of Durant has made the Warriors any better. In fact, during Tuesday's episode of Undisputed on Fox Sports 1, Wright argued that last year's Warriors were clearly the better team, as reinforced by the math.

"It's amazing to me that it is considered a hot take or a controversial opinion to say that 'The team which was was 73-9 is better than the team that's currently 46-9,'" Wright said during his show, as reported by FoxSports.

As Wright acknowledges, there's no doubt that the current Golden State starters are better than last year, but the Warriors are currently not as deep this season as they were in 2015-16. The question now is how much of an impact will that have on the team's championship dreams.

According to News2Read, most NBA titles are decided by the top six or seven players on every elite team. In fact, rotations even shrink during the postseason as coaches trust their very best players, and since there's only one shot in the playoffs, stars can play more minutes without worrying too much whether they will have enough energy two months down the road.

With that being said, the Warriors are going to be fine on that front. They should have plenty of firepower come May and June. On the other hand, there are also chances that Golden State might run out of gas comes the NBA Finals if they can't find some consistent help coming off the bench, especially if Wright is right.

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