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Nokia, Blackberry To Make A Comeback With Revival Of The Brands

First Posted: Feb 28, 2017 03:05 AM EST

It's been a decade since Nokia and Blackberry soar high in the field of mobile marketing. Both brands were considered as the most trusted and purchased names in mobile. However, when the single handset was introduced, those numbers dropped off a cliff that changed the game forever.

Nokia and BlackBerry share the same trajectories which are filled with belated attempts at reinvention. Nokia was defined as a modern mobile phone during the early 2000s while Blackberry pioneered push email and popularized the QWERTY keyboard on mobile phones.

This year, Nokia and BlackBerry are making a comeback in the mobile market. Both will come back at the hands of the third-parties at the world's largest smartphone show. According to Digital News Asia, customers nowadays are shifting to a more powerful smartphone. This could cost Nokia Company a lot if it did not let its mobile phones to innovate.

Nokia's decision to partner with Microsoft and sold its handset business to push the software giant's Windows Phone operating system did not help the company. Microsoft is too far behind in the smartphone race. Last year, the company's sales report shows that the Windows phone only garnered 0.7% of the market share.

It was also last year that Microsoft sold its Nokia assets to the FIH Mobile. Blackberry, on the other hand, faces a similar dilemma because it also struggled in keeping up with the rapid innovations in technology. According to ZDNet, Blackberry used to dominate the corporate market, until it failed to recognize the real factor behind the smartphone revolution.

However, just because both companies down don't mean that they are entirely gone on the market. Nokia and BlackBerry still exist in the market and are focusing their attention in different areas.

Blackberry's goal does not end with smartphones, but also in medical devices, cars, appliances, wearables as well as machinery. As for Nokia, they are focusing on telco equipment market with their acquisition of Alcatel-Lucent to compete with Ericsson and Huawei.

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