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'Overwatch' Update: New Patch Features To Focus On Balancing Competitive Play, Hero Updates For Lucio, Bug Fixes And More

First Posted: Mar 20, 2017 01:52 AM EDT
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Blizzard Entertainment has recently revealed some information on the latest patch notes for the public test realm version of Overwatch. Right now, the PTR version of the game is only available for PC, but changes that are being made in the PTR will also be applied to the home consoles when it's officially released to the public.

According to Cinema Blend, Blizzard has closely detailed what is included in the patch. One of the major changes is that each of the Overwatch heroes is going to have details about each of their unique backstories that are going to be outlined in their Hero Gallery, along with more information regarding the skins that are also attached to their lore.

One of the major issues that they have also addressed are the draws in the Competitive Play. A lot of Overwatch players have been complaining that too often the matches would end in a draw and that it has stripped away the intensity of the bouts.

Because of that, Blizzard has decided to fix this problem in Overwatch by lessening draws using a system that follows and tracks and records a team's progress during the Assault/Escort maps and an overall winner will then be determined based on which team has made the most progress. Aside from that, a variety of changes has also been given to one of the heroes in Overwatch: Lucio.

According to Express UK, Lucio has had some slight alterations made to his skills, specifically his Heal Song, which has had its effectiveness buffed and amplified by 50 percent. They have also increased his movement speed during Wall Ride, as well as also reeving an increase in speed when leaping off walls.

Lucio is the only hero receiving some real attention during the Hero update for Overwatch. Blizzard's other primary focus has been on fixing the numerous bugs in the game, including a certain one that prevents people from unlocking achievements during off-season competitive matches.

Additionally, some minor fixes have also been made to the Overwatch maps as well. These fixes were centered around exploits that some players were using to glitch around the map and gain an advantage on the opposing team.



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