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Microsoft Updates: Patent Filing Reveals Next-Generation Microsoft’s Folding Device

First Posted: Mar 27, 2017 12:18 PM EDT
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Microsoft's patent which was filed last September 2015 and was published a couple of days ago could unveil the possible designs of Microsoft's folding device. The publication number of the said patent is US2017/0086308 A1 which now available in public in a PDF form.

According to ONMSFT, the patent which could reveal Microsoft's folding device includes the disclosures of the multiple configurations of the optical components in the device. The components are arranged in a way that the display of the said device is foldable.

It was revealed that there are a couple of figure images which can be seen in the patent filing that shows about the handheld Microsoft's folding device. The information led to speculation that there is some foldable phone device which currently in the works.

The filing of the patent that reveals potential designs of Microsoft's folding device explains how the support structure between the tiled display devices can be arranged in a way that the supports are virtually invisible to the customers if viewed from different angles.

The new patent demonstrates what Microsoft technology see as a foldable display. It provides customers an idea of what future devices look like and what customers may see from the Redmond giant.

Microsoft Company describes the multi-layered Microsoft's Folding Device screen which made up of panels with curved edges that is located below the single upper layer. Microsoft's idea is that the curves of the device will make its whole display to appear like a single panel by drawing the light away from the gaps in the tiles.

However, according to Trusted Reviews, there is another featured image of the Microsoft's Folding Device showing 24 tiles display which is connected to the external computing device. Microsoft's folding device is likely to represent some next-generation display wall.

Whether the Microsoft's Folding Device which was revealed in the patent filing comes to light or not, it seems that the designs could employ with multiple display devices like notebooks and desktops.

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