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Capcom Announce 'Street Fighter V' Is Going Free For A Week

First Posted: Mar 27, 2017 12:17 PM EDT
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Street Fighter V Offers Sneak Peek and Free Week to PC Players

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Capcom recently announced that they would have a free week for their "Street Fighter V" fighting game. With this free week, Steam users will have a chance to test a range of new features that comes with the match's Capcom Fighters Network online experience.

According to PC Gamer, Capcom is planning to bring several new features and enhancements to the "Capcom Fighters Network online experience" for the "Street Fighter V". The features for the game include improvements to matchmaking and faster loading times.

"Street Fighter V" will have more updates, particularly to the rage, quit penalty system as well as better friend management options. The updates will be offered during the free week of online play. The free week will run from 1 pm ET on March 28 until 12 pm PT on April 3.

"Street Fighter V" during the free week online play will all unlock fighters including the newcomer Kolin. The free week will be an open beta which is intended to test the CFN updates. And not just to check the CFN updates, but also the balance changes which were made for the next "Street Fighter V" season two.

According to PCGamesn, cap com understands that server performance of the "Street Fighter V" has been less that the optimal experience for the players of "Street Fighter V". The improved CFN experience is the result of rebuilding by addressing the most pressing issues to ensure better online experience.

Capcom added that they want to hear the feedback from the gamers and make sure that everything is optimized for launch. Moreover, they are planning to give "Street Fighter V" PC players a glimpse of what to come when they put the new CFN through its paces with an official PC beta test.

CFN changes in "Street Fighter V" are first, the matchmaking experience which will help gamers to find their opponent online. Second is the ranked and casual match loading times which will have a shorter transition when going to a ranked or casual game.

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