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Latest Intel Optane Memory Speeds Up Computer Hard Drive

First Posted: Mar 29, 2017 02:51 AM EDT

Intel recently made an announcement with regards to the first super fast Optane which is about to be released on the market soon. The optane drive data center is focused on the DC P4800X SSD. The consumer version of the SSDs will not be available later this year. However, the chip maker has already had the Intel Optane Memory for its customers.

The upcoming Intel Optane Memory is a little M.2 form factor which drives a promise to replace the old HDD into a higher gear. Previously, in the Intel Optane Memory which is based on the 3D Xpoint technology, customers still had to decide between the two different types of storage device.

According to the Digital Trends, the customers could choose to have a larger spinning disk drive or -HDD with a slow speed but has a good price per gigabyte. They can also choose a flash-based SSD with a fraction of the storage space which is five to fifteen times faster in terms of the performance.

Intel Optane drive is faster compared to the increasingly standard NVMe SSDs. However, Intel Optane Memory was designed not to replace those. Customers can choose to install the Intel Optane Memory with the HDD.

Installing Intel Optane Memory will continuously monitor the system usage, keep important files, system libraries, and important OS pieces which are cached in the Optane memory. According to Gizmodo, the Intel Optane Memory is a new type of computer memory which is based on the 3D Xpoint memory architecture.

Intel Optane Memory is fast as the DRAM memory which could be found in every memory of computers today. It is also stable as the NAND memory which is located in the SSDs central to some expensive laptops.

Intel Optane Memory can work like a supercharger for the computer's storage system. The memory does not replace any components which are already present on the network. Instead, it is an add-on which is clipped into the motherboard.

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