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'Doctor Who' Introduces Pearl Mackie's Bill Potts - Doctor's First Gay Companion

First Posted: Apr 14, 2017 05:42 AM EDT
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Pearl Mackie is coming to "Doctor Who" and she is historically the first gay companion of the doctor. She plays Bill Plots who will be the companion of Peter Capaldi who is on the show for his last season as the doctor.

"Doctor Who" is a long-running British series and while there have been numerous gay characters in the show, there wasn't a gay companion yet. Belfast Telegraph reports that Pearl Mackie is ecstatic to be part of the show as Bill Potts and the official gay companion of the doctor.

The 10th season of "Doctor Who" will be airing on April 15, this Saturday. Peter Capaldi is set to return as the Doctor.

Pearl Mackie has expressed that landing the role of a companion in "Doctor Who" takes a little getting used to. After all, she has only one credited role on TV before being cast in the highly coveted role. The BBC show has a huge cult following online and is highly watched by fans all over the world.

The announcement of Pearl Mackie as the next companion are all over the headlines and the actress has garnered online fame. Mail Online reports that during the day she was announced as Bill Potts, she became overwhelmed by the attention she got online and in real life that she was thankful she let her phone's battery die so as not to deal with it.

Earlier this week, Pearl Mackie earned the ire of "Doctor Who" show fans when she incorrectly answered some things about the show. She was asked during The One Show what type of fuel runs the TARDIS engine and said that it's a type of oil.

Some fans did not take this lightly and took on to Twitter to express their outrage at Pearl Mackie. Obsessed "Doctor Who" fans corrected the actress and said that the correct answer is artron energy.

However, there has a reason why Pearl Mackie is unfamiliar with some "Doctor Who" facts. The show's Steven Moffat has ordered her not to watch the past seasons of the show so much before she started filming.

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