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'Minecraft' Nintendo Switch Edition Will Feature Bigger Worlds, 60 FPS Gameplay

First Posted: Apr 19, 2017 05:21 AM EDT
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Microsoft has announced some details about the upcoming "Minecraft" on the Nintendo Switch. What makes the announcement exciting is that it will allow players to take the game on the go and play it at home because of the Switch's portability.

Microsoft was on a livestream when it announced the details of the "Minecraft" game on Nintendo Switch. Attack of the Fanboy notes that the upcoming game will be better than its Wii U release in terms of sizes of the worlds. However, the game worlds on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will still be bigger.

The most exciting news that was released is that "Minecraft" will run of 60fps on the Nintendo Switch. This means that that the game will have a 3072x3072 resolution on the device which is a far cry from the fellow console PS Vita which was only 864x864 which goes the same for the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions.

"Minecraft" fans are excited for the Nintendo Switch release as the 60fps frame rate is considered large for a hybrid device. However, it is not known if the handheld version of the console will also have the same frame rate.

Microsoft adds that it is possible to transfer "Minecraft" worlds from Wii U to Nintendo Switch. However, it looks like the feature won't be available when the game is launched next month on May 11. The developers of the game has said that working on the game for Switch is easy for them so the transition should be no trouble.

Nintendo adds that "Minecraft" on Nintendo Switch will contain all the content for the game up to the January update. The developers are hard at work at making it catch up to the latest version which will run after its launch next month, according to Nintendo Wire.

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