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'Riverdale' Season Finale Spoilers: KJ Apa & Luke Perry Gives More Details In 2nd Character to Die; Shannon Purser Publicly Come Out As Bisexual

First Posted: Apr 19, 2017 09:51 PM EDT
Stranger Things Season 2 - Final Trailer
The CW Renews Riverdale For Season 2

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"Riverdale" casts hinted that another death is coming and everyone has anticipated it. But were all shocked knowing it was too soon. "Stranger Things" actress, come out as bisexual, Shannon Purser revealed that she is as the "Riverdale" fans debated on social media about the same-sex kiss was featured in the previous episode.

With just a few episodes left in "Riverdale" season 1, Executive Producer, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa dropped a major hint. Another significant character will die as part of the wrapping up of the first season.

Further details were revealed in the death of a character in "Riverdale" season 1 by KJ Kapa and Luke Perry. Perry played the character of Fred Andrews and Kapa played as Archie Andrews, in a recent interview, the two actors revealed and elaborated that the mysterious death of a character was too soon, NME has reported.

The two were asked what their reaction was when they found out that there is a second death in "Riverdale" season 1. It is notably that Kapa is making a way out to not answer the question but Perry just confirmed it. He answered that the other character felt that it was too soon for a certain character to die but the specific character deserved it.

"It was too soon, but they had it coming," Perry said. Moreover, the actress from "Riverdale" who played as Ethel and Barb in "Stranger Things" comes out as bisexual. The 19-year-old actress, Shannon Purser publicly acknowledge that she is indeed. In a previous episode of "Riverdale" season 1, fans were debating over the same-sex kiss between Betty and Veronica.

Another character in "Riverdale" wrote as "faux-lesbianism" but fans are all keen to see characters to elude heteronormative storyline. Purser responded and calling out the "angry Beronica stans." But the Beronica shippers are all getting offended and the young actress started to defend herself, The Mary Sue has reported.

Later on, Shannon Purser posted a note of herself being bisexual and apologize for those who have been hurt about what she tweeted. She shared that she recently come out as bisexual to her family and friends and that she was all new to the LGT community and there are terms she just recently knew.

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