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‘Shameless’ Season 8 Fiona Rumored to Rekindled Love with Sean, Steve/Jimmy; Fans Demanded Noel Fisher #BringMickeyBack

First Posted: Apr 19, 2017 06:51 PM EDT
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Fans are all keen to watch "Shameless" season 8 and all are having a theory that this season is the perfect time for Fiona to get married. Also, fans are all insisting on bringing back the character of Noel Fisher, as Mickey Milkovich and uses the #BringMickeyBack. One more character also hinted to be back, either Steve or Jimmy that was being played by Justin Chatwin.

The most anticipated comedy-drama "Shameless" still hasn't a specific date for season 8 to premiere. But the latest report of the launch date reportedly by fall this year and according to the previous reports, the series will be following the events after Monica's funeral.

Fans can expect that in 'Shameless" season 8, Frank will be using the fortune of Monica she has a meth worth of $70,000. The Gallaghers family was also revealed to be alright as if Monica didn't die and further featured the each of the member receiving and handling their inheritance, Urban Matter has reported.

Moreover, Fiona has spent season 7 of the series and fans didn't see her very lucky in her love life. Reports concluded that in "Shameless" season 8, it is very the right time for the eldest daughter of the Gallagher family to find a love that will settle her. But the question rise up and ask, who might be the lucky guy? Is there would someone new come along or just an old flame?

Fans totally get that in the previous season of "Shameless," Fiona didn't have a love interest. She already had a memory of a failed marriage and an almost failed marriage again. According to Vernoff, Fiona was totally hurt by her father for not being able to settle down and for the eldest of Gallaghers being married hasn't been yet confirmed, TV Line has reported.

The rumors of Fiona might settle in "Shameless" season 8, may take a pick at Sean or Steve/Jimmy as the potential love life. Fans did want Justin Chatwin to return into the show even with another identity. Furthermore, fans are also demanding to get Noel Fisher back into "Shameless."

#BringMickeyBack" has continued to trend in social media. But it all ends if Fisher doesn't want to be in "Shameless" season 8. The series still hasn't an official release date, so stay in tuned for more.

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