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‘Code Vein’ is Bandai Namco’s Newest Dystopian RPG; Watch Official Trailer Here

First Posted: Apr 20, 2017 07:13 AM EDT
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'Code Vein'

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"Code Vein" is the newest role playing game (RPG) from Bandai Namco. The game was teased with a clip last week and the most recent Weekly Famitsu magazine issue sheds more information about the dystopian RPG.

The upcoming game from Bandai Namco is an action RPG by "God Eater" developers with director Hiroshi Yoshimura and producer Keita Iizuka on board. One of the things that have excited gamers is that "Code Vein" will feature vampires.

Bandai Namco has released an official trailer for "Code Vein" entitled "Prepare to Dine." IGN reports that many believes this is a reference to "Dark Souls" but the game developers said that the upcoming game is not related to it or to "God Eater."

The current issue for Japanese magazine, Weekly Famitsu offers some new information on "Code Vein." According to Gematsu, the game is set in the dystopic future of "Vein." It is a society filled with "Revenants" or creatures with vampiric powers who turn into a monster called "Lost" when they don't get enough blood.

"Code Vein" players will know that they will become Revenants in the game and that they need to stay with others to survive. Dungeon explorations and other adventures will have players need to bring a companion in order to overcome challenges. Furthermore, they need to help them out as well in exchange.

In line with this, there will be a range of weapons and items that Revenants can use in "Code Vein." They will also encounter the Blood Veil, an equipment in various forms that may be clothing or armor that will absorb the blood of the Losts.

Ultimately, "Code Vein" will have players solve the mystery of how Revenants and the Lost came to be because they have lost their memories. They also need to know how the "thorns of judgment" ruined the earth.

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