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'Pokemon Go' Dev Niantic To Release First Co-op Experience Set To Launch This Summer & a Huge Summer Event Coming

First Posted: Apr 21, 2017 04:51 AM EDT
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Niantic teases fans that "Pokemon Go" upcoming update will be a game-changer. The developer of the game revealed that there a lot of set updates this year to keep its players interested. Spring this year, Niantic is planning to release the game's first co-op experience.

The Easter event of "Pokemon Go" is dubbed as a successful event as per the trainers as Niantic provided bonuses that greatly help to increase more Pokedexes. According to the report, the development team recently stopped the games new development and is planning on launching a nest migration.

Dataminer teams shared that the nest migration is the number 19 that switching out spawns Cluster spaws and local nests in "Pokemon Go." A fan making heard her thoughts and experience in the previous migration and stating that there are three big nests in their area and that includes Wooper, Wooper, and Marill, Heavy has reported.

Other players of the game are trying to pray to the Pokegods so they can finally get just anything in this latest nest migration. Later followed up their comments saying how disappointed they are, the players just got Sentret, Rattata, and Polliwag. Niantic just rolled out another update for "Pokemon Go" players but it just may not have noticed by its players.

Trainers on the "Pokemon Go Easter Event" discovered that a lot of players catches the very same Pocket Monsters that now have different move sets and IVs from the other. The said update was more like how shinies work, helping to stop spoofing benefits.

The newly released update of "Pokemon Go" is now following the randomization by trainer's level in the CP formula. All from level 1 trainer and lever 20-50 plus of trainer all finds the same for height, movesets, IVs, and weight.

The said update in "Pokemon Go," totally combat the IV feeds and spoofing worldwide and it is a victory for every trainer. Moreover, Niantic is dedicated to making its game more enjoyable and always new. The developer is planning to make the game's first co-op experience and is set to launch in Spring, Smart Stock News has reported.

The "Pokemon Go" first co-op experience will likely have to go something with the recently found of data miners, the Gym revamps. Also, a huge summer event is planning in July and big features are coming.

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