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‘One Piece’ Episode 864 Spoilers: Big Mom Wil Be Defeated With Mother Carmel’s Portrait Shattered

First Posted: Apr 28, 2017 07:12 AM EDT
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"One Piece" episode 864 will possibly see the end of Big Mom as the beloved portrait of Mother Carmel was shattered by Brook disguised as Luffy in the previous episode. Big Mom was also very frustrated that she was not able to eat the wedding cake that she has been planning all along; she took the lifespan of all the cooks for good measure. And of course, she freaked out after finding out that Jinbe would like to leave her wing.

It seems like it will be over for Big Mom soon as Luffy has already known the secret to her immense power. Fandom said that there was something special about Mother Carmel's portrait that Big Mom has been keeping a secret all these years. Big Mom might meet her end in "One Piece" episode 864 because if Carmel's portrait gets damaged, the pirate queen will go into a psychological stress that will make her vulnerable to any attack.

Before "One Piece" episode 864, Big Mom has been through a lot of stress. Luffy and the Straw Hats managed to rescue Sanji and foil her wedding plans. Luffy used Brulee's cloning power to make animals look like him; he let the clone Luffys out from the wedding cake through a mirror which shattered Big Mom's plans of eating the mouthwatering dessert, Korea Portal reported.

 Big Mom wanted to take Jinbe's lifespan as payment for him leaving her crew but she soon found out that she had no effect on him anymore. Jinbe is no longer afraid of her; the pirate with water as element may even plan a mutiny in "One Piece" episode 864 learning that Big Mom has finally weakened.

"One Piece" episode 864 could be the end of Big Mom but surely she won't go down without a fight. She still has her other powerful compatriots to rely on anyway. Fans would surely get a lot of pirate action in the next episode of "One Piece."

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