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Trump Wants Expanded Travel Ban Following London Terrorist Attack

First Posted: Jun 05, 2017 05:16 PM EDT
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After another terrorist attack in the U.K. Saturday, President Donald Trump didn't mince words about how he would have prevented such actions from occurring on American soil.

Trump was referring to his controversial original travel ban, which barred the entry of citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries to the United States, but was quickly fired down in several federal courts shortly after its disastrous implementation. The administration quickly crafted a second version of the ban, which dropped Iraq from the list of targeted countries and removed overt religious language in an effort to pass constitutional hurdles, but was also quickly blocked by federal courts. 

Judges and jurists also pointed to Trump's rhetoric during the presidential campaign calling several times for a "total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States." Last week, Trump officials in the Justice Department petitioned the Supreme Court to issue and emergency order reinstating the travel ban and Trump himself was of the mind that the original ban didn't go far enough.

Critics and spectators have pointed out that explicitly calling it a ban and its implicit targeting of Muslims from Muslim-majority countries will hurt its chances of getting reinstated in the Supreme Court, as the institution's primary function is to ascertain whether legal rulings are in line with the Constitution.

A ban on entry to American soil based on religion, as a ban on the countries involved would be de facto Muslim, would be unconstitutional on the grounds of religious discrimination. Trump and his administration, however, are unperturbed and press forward with it's reinstatement and strengthening.

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