Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders received the endorsement of a prominent and rising Latina politician from Nevada.

Democrat Lucy Flores, previously representing Nevada's 28th district and currently campaigning to represent the state's 4th Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives, said she endorses the independent Vermont senator because of his policies for working families.

"In this presidential election, I know that Bernie Sanders is the best hope for Nevada's working families," said Flores. "I stand with him in the fight to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour and his fight for equal pay and free college tuition. He not only understands that the system we have is controlled by Wall Street, but wants to fix the problem. I stand by him because the poor and middle class deserve an opportunity to get ahead."

Flores, who was elected to the Nevada State Assembly in 2010 and later became vice chair for the Nevada Hispanic Legislative Caucus, is no longer serving as a State Assemblywoman and had sought to win the lieutenant governor position in 2014. In her present bid to serve Nevada's 4th Congressional District, Flores first has to encounter a primary against three other Democrats.

"I want to go to Congress with a president that will make certain we invest in our local communities, and someone who will ensure we have an economy that works for everyone," Flores said in a statement. "That is why I am endorsing Bernie Sanders."

Flores further detailed her support for Sanders in a Facebook post. Acknowledging her family history, which includes economic struggles, gang involvement, dropping out of high school, an abortion and her mother leaving the family, Flores said choosing a candidate for president has been a difficult choice and that includes the current decision between Sanders and Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton.

"I have never made a political decision based on what was the 'smart' or 'safe' thing to do (just ask any of my often times dismayed political advisors) and I have always done what I believed aligned with my values and my ideals. But this decision was difficult because both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are both accomplished and worthy candidates, and both are light years ahead of any of the Republican choices. And as the first Latina elected to the Nevada legislature in the history of the state, and as a young woman who has struggled mightily in this male-dominated world of politics, Hillary inspires a lot of pride," wrote Flores.

Flores noted the difference was that Sanders reminded her of past events that deal with poverty and stagnant wages and current events such as the growing debt. She wrote that she believes Sanders wakes up every day with these similar issues in mind.

"That the unfairness of it all weighs on his heart, just like it does mine, and that when he is elected, he will do whatever it takes to make America the land of opportunity again. I believe that Bernie Sanders will lead the charge, with many millions of Americans behind him, against the unfettered Wall Street greed that has threatened the very existence of the middle class and shackled so many more to permanent poverty. I believe that now, more than ever," Flores continued. "America needs a political revolution."

Joan Kato, Nevada state director for Sanders' campaign, welcomed her endorsement. Kato said the Latina's personal story makes her a role model for women, workers, youths and families currently struggling but longing for a better life.

"Like Sen. Sanders, Lucy Flores is fiercely dedicated to fighting for under-served communities. Flores did not grow up easily positioned for the life she leads now ... and it makes her uniquely qualified to fight honestly for those who need it most. We are honored to have her support," said Kato in a statement.


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