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Puma's Autodisc gives tough fight to Nike’s HyperAdapt

First Posted: Nov 02, 2016 02:51 AM EDT
The logo of German sporting goods company Puma is pictured ahead the shareholders meeting on May 6, 2015 in Herzogenaurach, southern Germany.

Photo : Getty Images/CHRISTOF STACHE

Nike seems to have been so inspired by the movie "Back To The Future," that they decided to put their famous self-lacing shoes to production under the name HyperAdapt. The sportswear giant announced that they'll put it on sale on November 28.

Puma, however, looks to be competing head-on with Nike in the self-lacing sneakerstakes with its own offering, called the Autodisc, which it unveiled way back in 2015. Engadget revealed that the German sportswear has made 50 pairs of the Autodisc, with many of them reserved to athletes like Usain Bolt and Rickie Fowler.

Head-to-head: Puma Autodisc vs. Nike HyperAdapt

Puma has designed the Autodisc with a plethora of unique features. Unlike Nike's HyperAdapt, the Autodisc doesn't have laces. Rather, the shoe's "self-lacing" mechanism relies on an electric motor that tightens the shoe's straps with the help of a smartphone app, Tech Spot has reported.

The Autodisc is battery-powered and is rechargeable through a wireless charging mat, which users can user conveniently to keep it fully-charged, Tech Tree has reported. It automatically adapts to the size of the user's feet, apart from being controllable using a smartphone app.

Nike, for its part, isn't short of any features for the HyperAdapt. The shoe has laces and velcro straps that comes with sensors that automatically adjusts to make it comfortable to wear. Just like the Autodisc, the HyperAdapt is battery powered, although it has two buttons that allows users to make adjustments.

Both shoes provide an interesting glimpse on what the future may possible hold for shoes.

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