For those hoping for a Sebastián Rulli and Aracely Arámbula reconciliation, it might seem you're out of luck.

Rumors are still going on strong that Rulli is dating actress Sachi Tamashiro, but now there are new reports that say Arámbula may have a new man in her life, TV y Novelas noted.

The actress and singer was seen at the airport saying, "Love always needs to be present."

Many believed the statement to be about her two children, Miguel and Daniel, from her past relationship with Luis Miguel, but others insist that she is talking about a new guy.

Arámbula didn't further elaborate, but she did say that life was good.

"Everything's good," she said. "My life is very positive at the moment. I have many amazing things to celebrate."

She celebrated Mother's Day with her children last week.

She was seen taking her children to school at 9 a.m. to attend a festival. She bought a few flowers off the street, and she invited her mother to be part of the celebration. Arámbula couldn't stay for the entire event because she had to go to work.

The actress has started working on her new telenovela. She will play the lead character in Telemundo's version of Victor Hugo's "Les Miserables." This version will feature her as a strong female character who has to try to keep her family hidden until they can prove their innocence.

With the telenovela format, it would seem obvious that the show will largely veer away from the story Hugo told. Shows are aired five days a week and go on for long periods of time, so we can expect lots of twists and turns that were not originally in the novel to make it on air.