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What Is Black Ice. What Makes It So Dangerous

First Posted: Dec 19, 2016 08:53 AM EST
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Driving in winter is the biggest threat to all motor drivers when it comes to driving over the black ice surface on the road. Black ice leads many drivers to accidents. Driving on black ice is just like walking on the slippery wet floor.

What is Black Ice?

'Black Ice', this term sounds like an ice that looks Black but in reality, black ice is not actually black. It's nearly impossible to see because it is transparent like glass. When it forms on the road it looks black due to the black color of asphalt, from which the road was made. Black ice forms when light rains or drizzles fall on the road & the surface temperature of the water is just below the freezing point (0°C), then a thin layer of ice made on the surface of the road which is next to invisible.

Why is Black ice so dangerous?

Black ice usually forms on the highways, bridges, sidewalks and even tunnels. It doesn't form during the daytime, thanks to the solar heat, but during the night it's become the perfect condition to form Black ice. There are two main reasons, which make black ice more dangerous:
1.It is very slippery & barely impossible to see.
2.It forms during the nights or during the cold foggy day, lack of visibility leads to accidents.
The are so many cases of accidents ever recorded caused due to the presence of Black ice. Lack of friction on the road leads cars & bikes to skid off the road.

How to drive safe on Black ice?

There are few things to keep in mind to drive safely in this kind of road condition:
1.Drivers should keep their steering wheel straight. Turning the steering wheel may lead to sliding and losing control of the vehicle.
2.Not to apply a brake. Braking causes vehicle to skid, especially if the braking is too hard.
3.In the case of stopping the car, drivers should take their foot off the accelerator. It is the best way to reduce speed & let the car stop. Turning off the ignition can also be helpful to make the car stop.

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