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Intel’s Massive x86 Processor Revamp vs AMD’s Ryzen: Clash Continues

First Posted: Dec 29, 2016 02:13 PM EST
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After enjoying its clear lead on performance and efficiency in the processor industry, Intel might want to get ready as its long rival AMD will be releasing its new Ryzen processor this 2017 and many hardware enthusiasts are excited about this new processors. The said Ryzen processors are considered a match for Intel’s high-end desktop processors.

Intel is not backing down from the challenge as the company will also be launching a new range of processors on its lineup. The new Kaby Lake processors will be the successor of the current Sky Lake lineup. And not only that, the resilient x86 is rumored to get a revamp that will cover some of its weaker points, as per Forbes. Why not just make a new architecture instead of revamping the old x86 processor?

The media outlet noted that while Intel has been adding essential instructions on top of instructions of the x86 architecture, these add bulk to the design of the CPU. These additions are not even used that often and do not necessarily help to improve the power efficiency or performance of PCs.

Meanwhile, Bits and Chips reported that the next Intel uArch will be very similar to the approach used by AMD with Zen in terms of the perfect balance of power consumption, performance, and price. There is a but, however, as Intel will be throwing away some old SIMD and old hardware remainders for the sake of saving physical space (Small Die) and also for the enhancement of power consumption and performance ratio.

The plus side of removing the Smaller Die is that power consumption should drop and there is scope for reaching much higher frequencies, as well as allowing Intel to better compete in areas where power consumption and efficiency are key - laptops and the mobile market for example.

The Intel six-core CPUs will be available after the launch of Kaby Lake but AMD’s Ryzen will have the floor first. The coming clash of AMD and Intel will be expected to be huge for the next three years, so stay tuned for more exciting updates!

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