Maite Perroni has been having quite a year, and she may be celebrating one of her biggest moments soon.

Rumors that Perroni might be getting married started after pictures of her in a wedding dress started making the rounds, reported TV Y Novelas. The pictures are said to be for a special edition of a magazine, but many speculate that she might be ready to walk the aisle with boyfriend, Koko Stambuk.

So far, Perroni has not confirmed or denied the rumors, but has said that she is very happy with her relationship.

Either way, the actress has a lot to celebrate.

Her new show, "La Gata," is close to premiering on Univision. The show premiered earlier this month in Mexico and has been successful so far.

The show follows Esmeralda de la Santacruz, who is known as La Gata, and Pablo Martinez-Negrete. La Gata has grown up poor and though she strikes up a friendship with Pablo, they are not allowed to be friends.

Perroni and her co-star Arenas have been very vocal about trying to achieve realistic scenes.

"We're putting so much heart into this project," Perroni told TV Notas. "It doesn't matter where we are."  

The first episode really sets up the differences between Pablo and La Gata.

Pablo, played by Arenas, doesn't have to worry about anything, but he is jealous of La Gata, who has grown up in the dump. She has friends, and he watches her from his window. La Gata, however, has faced many hardships. Rita treats her badly, even keeping food that someone gave La Gata.

"La Gata" will premiere on Univision on June 23. Check out our spoilers here.

Will you be tuning in?