President Trump defended his "absolute right" to share "highly classified" information with Russians. He tweeted this morning:

The now usual morning tweet rant didn't stop there. He also blamed former FBI Director James Comey for the "leakers in the intelligence community":

The response comes out as a reaction after The Washington Post reported the president shared sensitive information with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak in their visit to the Oval Office last week.

The information revealed discloses a critical source of intelligence on the Islamic State, according with the report. The White House has labeled it as false news. National security adviser H. R. McMcaster said yesterday night that the president did not discussed any military operations that were not already publicly known.

What's the harm?

If this is true, the country that shared classified information is likely to stop doing so, our allies will think twice before sharing any sensitive information with the U.S., and as media reports keep focusing on internal problems, we are giving an important advantage to other countries that might want to find weaknesses.