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Why are people protesting in Venezuela?

First Posted: May 17, 2017 01:58 PM EDT

Demonstrations against President Nicolas Maduro administration in Venezuela keep growing. The death toll has risen to at least 42 and more than 750 people injured, according with the states prosecutor's office.

What started as peacful rallies have descended into violent clashes between activists and the police department. For more than 6 weeks, people have called for the release of political prisoners and to hold new elections

Maduro blames the opposition for trying to oust him with the support of Washington.

Nevertheless, a statement released by the European Union this week declared that "the release of jailed political opponents and the respect of the constitutional rights of all political actors to vote and to participate in elections are also crucial steps to building trust and helping the country to regain political stability".

According with several experts, the country that possessed one of the world's largest oil reserves had no reason to collapse, but the government and economy became dependent on oil revenue at the expense of other industries, such as food production.

Today, as long as oil prices stay low, Venezuela will struggle to grow. This once prosperous nation now suffers from food, electricity and medicine severe shortages.

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