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Colombia: 3 Dead And 9 injured After Bomb Explodes In Bogotá

First Posted: Jun 18, 2017 09:29 AM EDT

A bomb made of ammonium nitrate was placed in a women's bathroom at one of the busiest shopping centers in Bogotá this Saturday. Police confirmed 3 dead, including a French woman and 9 injured.

President of Colombia Juan Manuel Santos wrote on twitter "This vile, cruel and cowardly act will not go unpunished."

Witnesses told local media they were evacuated from stores and movie theaters after the blast. According to the police, it was a potent explosive.

"We won't let terrorism frighten us," Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos said to the media and tweeted that Colombians should "continue life as normal" in the face of attacks.

Attention immediately has been focused in the National Liberation Army, also known as ELN, a group that has carried bombings in the past. Since then the group has denied its involvement and claimed they do not target civilians.

ELN is currently negotiating a peace deal with the Colombian government.

"The best answer to cowardly terrorism is to not let it unnerve us," Santos said at a news conference. "The French know perfectly how to respond to these terrorist attacks and we Colombians too have the will not to let ourselves be intimidated."

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