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Goodbye Rosewood: Pretty Little Liars Series Finale Recap

First Posted: Jun 28, 2017 10:53 AM EDT

After seven seasons of questionable behavior and of course being terrible at lying, we finally have to say goodbye to Rosewood.

The episode was directed by executive producer I. Marlene King, who wrote the teleplay with Maya Goldsmith and the story with Kyle Bown.

Here is what happened in Pretty Little Liars:

After a million theories and plenty of gossip, the identity of A.D. was finally revealed in the final episode Tuesday night. Spencer (Trojan Bellisario) has a twin. After being knocked out unconscious by Mona (Janel Parrish), Spencer finally woke up in a bunker just to find out the reflection she thought she was looking was her evil twin, Alex Drake, better known as A.D.

We learned that Alex grew up in a troubled are in London whereas Spencer grew up as a Hastings family member where she had everything she wanted. The twins would have never find out about the truth if it wasn´t for Wren (Julian Kingston) who talked to Alex about a distant American relatives in Rosewood.

It wasn´t until Charlotte was killed by Mona that Alex avenged her sister by pretending to be Spencer. Things went out of control to the point Alex wanted to become Spencer (maybe because she was jealous of Spencer's friendships, and all those sexual opportunities with Toby).

And like any good story, the battle between twins ended with a major twist in the final episode. Fans might have been surprised to find out Bellisario has actually been sitting on this secret for years.

The episode was full of flashbacks and replays of scenes from prior episodes (which fans could see in a different light after realizing they featured Alex, not Spencer).

One of the craziest theories has to do with one of the last scenes. A short fantasy like sequence set in Paris suggests the story was all in crazy Mona´s mind.

Any thoughts?

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