Mexican Tacos
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Burritos, tacos, and other Mexican food are the equivalents of pizza, pasta, and burgers. Mexican food is popular around the globe because of its delicious and vibrant flavors brought about by the spices and herbs they use in their dishes. 

Spices can transform simple rice and beans into a main-course worthy dish that packs a punch. Mexican dishes are also known for using healthy and fresh ingredients like avocados, beans, tomatoes, and different types of meat to make the most mouthwatering bite. 

Mexican cuisine also boasts food that is a must-have for spicy food lovers. A wide variety of chile peppers are used across numerous dishes to create the perfect, tongue-burning sensation. Dishes that forgo the usage of chile peppers lean on the next best thing: hot sauce.

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We searched for different popular spices and curated a list of the best ones currently available in the market. Read on and discover the essential spices that'll make your tacos taste like a pro's.

1. How To BBQ Right Malcoms Seasonings Grande Gringo Mexican BBQ Rub

 How To BBQ Right Malcoms Seasonings Grande Gringo Mexican BBQ Rub
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If you are looking for that perfect blend of spicy and smokey flavor for your next BBQ party, then Malcom's Grande Gringo Mexican Seasoning is the perfect option for you. The blend of cumin, garlic, paprika, oregano, and parsley brings out the bold and zesty flavors of Mexican cooking. 

It goes great with meat, tacos, dips, and even to rim a margarita. 

2. Pico De Gallo Mexican Seasoning

Pico De Gallo Mexican Seasoning for Fruits Vegetables & More 4oz bottle
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Give your fruits and vegetables a fresh kick using Pico de Gallo Clasico Seasoning. The blend gives a delicate fusion of citrus and spicy flavors that will complement cucumbers, mangoes, watermelons, and many more. A dash of this will give your cocktails and Bloody Mary the extra oomph. 

3. Feast Mode Flavors - Mexican Fusion

 Mexican Fusion - Feast Mode Flavors - Low Sodium, No MSG, Gluten Free, All Natural, Meal Prep Seasoning , Healthy , Chile Powder , Cumin , Oregano
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Spices made for the health and fitness industry are rare to find. Luckily, we have Feast Mode Flavors' Mexican Fusion. This all-natural seasoning blend was made for people with restricted diets who are looking for a wide variety of bold flavors. It is also low in sodium and free of MSG and gluten. 

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4. Spice Specialist's Mexican Spice Set

Spice Specialist's Mexican Spice Gift Set
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Indulge in this 5-pack Mexican Spice gift set by Spice Specialist. Each jar holds 2 oz. of every essential Mexican spice, you'll ever need in your kitchen --- burrito spice, Mexican oregano, taco seasoning, fajita seasoning, and Mexican BBQ seasoning. The spices are made 100% pure, without MSG or fillers. The spices are also custom-packed to ensure freshness. 

5. Penzys Mexican Vanilla Extract

 Vanilla Mexican By Penzeys Spices 8 fl oz
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Mexican spices aren't only made for savory dishes but also for sweet pastries. Penzeys Mexican Vanilla Extract is made from the highest quality vanilla beans to make your pastries taste richer. The wonderful flavor is ideal for desserts, drinks, and baked goods. 

If you're an avid drinker of hot cocoa or coffee, a drop or two of vanilla extract will fill your cup with an aroma so irresistible you'll never have it any other way.