Luxury department store chain Bloomingdale's is one of the recent retailers to follow the "Chrissy Teigen Canceled" trend after the model-actress got involved in a bullying scandal.

Chrissy Teigen allegedly bullied reality star Courtney Stodden and other individuals over Twitter. According to Daily Mail, the model had allegedly messaged Courtney Stodden via Twitter in 2011 and told her to kill herself.

Teigen was due to sign a deal to host a promotional event at Bloomingdale's Manhattan store. However, it was canceled on Monday.

One insider familiar with the matter told Page Six that they had it together, but the deal had to be canceled. The Daily Wire reported that Bloomingdale's had to cancel the event due to the "toxic press" surrounding the star.

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Chrissy Teigen Bullying Scandal

Macy's, which shares a parent company with the luxury department store, seemed to have also dropped Teigen's "Cravings by Chrissy" cookware line this week - after Stodden revealed that the model-actress had encouraged her to kill herself when she was just 16 years old.

Courtney Stodden specifically cited Teigen's message, like not being able to wait for her to die, Fox News reported.

On Wednesday, Chrissy Teigen apologized on Twitter, saying that not many people are lucky to be held accountable for their past mistakes in front of the whole world.

Chrissy Teigen also said that she was mortified and sad at who she used to be. She added that she was insecure and seeking attention, noting how embarrassed she is for her behavior. 

But Teigen said that it is nothing compared to how she made Stodden feel. One source said that Macy's had pulled out Teigen's cookware line from its site as people were venting their issues and concerns about the Stodden bullying scandal in product reviews.

The source added that the company has yet to decide whether the model's products will be available at Macy's once again in the future.

Stodden mentioned that Teigen has not yet apologized to them privately and has called for known brands to cut off their deals with Teigen, saying that it won's look good for companies to be associated with someone who encourages a minor to commit suicide.

Courtney Stodden also criticized Chrissy Teigen, saying that she had made her career out of apologizing and questioned the sincerity of her public apology on Twitter.

Target had also reportedly broken off their contract with Teigen. However, the retailer said that they decided to do so before the bullying scandal had erupted.

Courtney Stodden became known after she married then-51-year-old actor Doug Hutchinson at the age of 16, Page Six reported.

On the other hand, Teigen had married musician John Legend in 2013. The couple had two children. Last year, Teigen had opened up about her recent miscarriage, calling it "utter and complete sadness."

They had lost their unborn baby named Jack in late September, according to Today. Teigen detailed that a partial placenta abruption caused the pregnancy complications.

Aside from Stodden, Chrissy Teigen also reportedly took a swipe at other public figures inside and outside of Hollywood, including Lindsay Lohan and former Alaska governor Sarah Palin. 

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