In the latest episode of its original podcast series "La Playlist de mi Vida," Deezer features the Colombian singer-songwriter Esteman - a magnetic artist with powerful messages to deliver.

Esteman, born Esteban Mateus Williamson, first skyrocketed into the music scene back in 2011 with his music video for "No te metas a mi Facebook," or "Stay off my Facebook."A year later, he released his debut album "1er Acto," including collaboration with Andrea Echeverri. Ever since Esteman has remained an eye-opening and inspiring persona in the Latin music industry.

"They are going to know who Esteban is behind Esteman; I have brought together the memories of my childhood and with which I started my career, and also the artists who have influenced my career. I have selected some songs that have always been my favorites," explains Esteman, the Bogotá-born artist now based in Mexico City. He also explains how the playlist he had with him defines both him and his life and how he was brought up as a person and artist.

In his "La Playlist de mi Vida" appearance, exclusively available on Deezer, he shares his stories and insights with the Venezuelan show host Daniela Di Giacomo. He begins his actual "Playlist of my Life" with the song "Juan y Paul," a song Esteman recently did with the Argentinian electropop pair Miranda! and appears in his latest album "Si volviera a nacer." He shares how he idolized the group that, according to him, marked an era of authentic Spanish pop, influencing his artistic career.

As Esteman and Di Giacomo travel through the titular "La Playlist de mi Vida" on their Deezer podcast episode, fans are treated not only to choice tracks from the Colombian singer-songwriter's work over the past decade. It also includes the songs from the past decades that further give listeners an idea of his music preferences and the works that influenced his own rise as a Latin music star. Among the songs in the playlist includes the single "Te alejas mas de mi," which he originally sang together with the Argentinian artist Daniela Spalla. The song, marked by its sensual, melodramatic rhythm, is among the most listened to in his repertoire - and Esteman says that he's looking forward to performing it on stage.

Further down the Deezer podcast episode, Esteman also stops to reflect on the song "Milagrosa," also from his latest album. He explains how the song was actually inspired by the long history and the reality faced by many trans women. Additionally, the song's message also extends to any woman living in an environment of gender violence. Its lyrics illustrate the harsh realities of everyday life but also laud the courage and the hope it takes for women and trans women to come out and keep their heads high.

Esteman's feature on the Deezer "La Playlist de mi Vida'' episode is a part of the platform's celebration of the LGBTQIA+ Pride Month last June. The content will also be a permanent part of the "Queer Culture" channel, which celebrates love and all its forms, also only on Deezer.

Check out the podcast series, "La Playlist de mi Vida," below:

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