American Businessman and real-estate heir, Robert Durst who was accused murderer, admitted under oath that he was the man behind the pen, the one who wrote the infamous "cadaver note" and sent it to the Beverly Hills Police Department after he allegedly discovered the remains of his friend and publicist, Susan Berman, at Berman's Beverly Hills home in December 2000.

Man Behind the Cadaver Note

According to Daily Beast, in his testimony on Monday in Los Angeles Superior Court, the 78-year-old, Durst, said that he arrived at Berman's house with plans to drive up to San Francisco to check the real estate project they were working on together. However, Durst claimed that he saw a piece of paper attached to the front door that stated: "Bobby, I am doing my walk, be back in an hour."

Moreover, since Berman had given him a key to her place, Durst used it to let himself in, but once inside, Durst claimed that he found Berman lying dead on the floor, shot execution-style in the back of the head.

In his testimony, Durst said that he picked up the phone to call 911 but that the phone was not working at the time; that's why he drove to a payphone to notify the police.

At the time, Durst claimed he wanted to keep his identity and considered using a fake one. However, he realized that his voice was too recognizable, which prompted him to send the police a letter with Berman's address above the handwritten word "CADAVER."

Durst testified that he had pen and paper in his car, but there were no envelopes or stamps available, and he could not even remember where he bought those, nor where he later mailed the 'cadaver' letter.

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Kathie Durst Disappearance

For a long time, Durst denied that the so-called cadaver note was his work and stated that he lied about it "for years" because he believed that once he admitted that he wrote the letter, he would be suspected of killing Susan Berman.

Furthermore, Durst shared that he then drove to San Francisco but flew to New York. He then spent a bit of time in Ridgefield, Connecticut, and at the end of the month, he headed back to a friend's house in Palm Beach to attend a New Year's Eve party.

However, the storyline of Durst opposed what one of the prosecutors had presented. The prosecutor said that Durst was worried that the 55-year-old Berman was planning to cooperate with the law enforcement and implicate him in his wife Kathie's sudden disappearance in 1982 after helping Durst with a false alibi. The body of Kathie Durst has never been found since she disappeared.

Defense attorney Dick DeGuerin spent a good portion of his direct examination of Durst Monday attempting to convince the jury that Durst had no good reason to have killed Berman. Durst denied all the accusations and stated that he did not have any motive in killing Berman.

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