Facebook stepped up to protect Lizzo, as hateful comments thrown against the singer are being deleted by the tech giant, a movement that proves FB enforces their community standards.

According to sources, Facebook removed several hateful comments left on Lizzo's recent FB and Instagram posts, TMZ reported.

Apart from removing the degrading comments on the singer's posts, the company also removed the accounts of some trolls. Furthermore, the company also noted that they would remove accounts that will continue to violate their community guidelines when it comes to hate speech, bullying, and harassment.

According to Facebook's Community Standard, they acknowledge that the internet creates a space for new and increased opportunities for abuse.

Under the tech giant's standards, Facebook is entitled to delete content and comments that can be considered "degrading." The company underscored that they expect their users to respect the dignity of others and not harass or degrade anyone on the platform.

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Lizzo Breaks Down on Hateful Comments Hurled at Her

On Sunday, Lizzo took to Instagram to speak out about the criticisms she received, contending that the comments were thrown at her were "fatphobic" and "racist."

Lizzo broke out into tears as she went live on Instagram to address the issue.

The singer said that she can't accept that haters were repeatedly criticizing Black women, especially fat Black women like her. Lizzo added that when they do not fit "in the box, people will cast hatred against them.

Lizzo also noted that the amount of positive energy she gives does not matter, arguing that there will still be people who have something mean to say.

Despite breaking down about the comments, Lizzo acknowledged that hateful statements do not bother her most times. She noted that she becomes more sensitive when she's working so hard, and her patience gets shorter.

Apart from calling out to the hateful comments, the "Truth Hurts" singer also snapped on her critics in her TikTok account who accused her of playing into a "Mammy" stereotype. The said stereotype was known to be used to push a false narrative about Black people getting happy about being enslaved.

"I really think people are just mad to see a fat Black woman that makes pop music and is happy.

Cardi B Steps in to Defend Lizzo

Apart from Facebook, Cardi B, a part of Lizzo's new single "Rumors," also clapped back on Lizzo's haters as she took to Twitter to support the singer on Monday.

"Whether you're skinny, big, plastic, they always going to try to put their insecurities on you," Cardi B said. The "Bodak Yellow" singer noted ended her statement by encouraging the singer to call the haters "nerds" who look at the popular table.

It can be recalled that Lizzo and Cardi B released their new single "Rumors," where the song of the lyrics also mentions haters saying, "why are you spending all your time trying to break a woman down?" As of writing this story, "Rumors" garnered more than 13 million views on YouTube following its release on Aug. 13. 

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