For aspiring singers, having a musical background is a plus when they are starting their musical careers. A young artist from Mexico who now builds his estate in the world of electronic music, pop, and reggaeton, maximized his musical background to take his music to another level.

In this issue of Latin Post's Indie Artists of the Week, I am fortunate enough to chat with a 22-year-old singer-songwriter from Mexico, Leon Leiden, who makes noise in the Latin music scene.

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Mexican Singer-Songwriter, Leon Leiden

It was not surprising that Leon Leiden was able to curate chill and flawless melodies and songs, as the singer-songwriter grew up in a family of classical musicians. With his own will, Leiden shared that he asked his parents to learn how to play the violin at the age of five.

"I grew up watching that [violin], my mother and my siblings... play together this sort of instruments," Leiden said. He added he took lessons with a Russian teacher and then moved to a different music school.

Leiden made sure to make use of his musical background as he transitioned to electronic music. The singer shared that when he got older, he also became interested in popular music and electronic music, as he was exposed to it when a lot of EDM concerts happened in Mexico.

Before the pandemic, the singer shared that he used to DJ at parties and different gatherings in Mexico. Leiden shared that aside from being his passion, being a DJ helped him invest in his career, such as buying equipment, supporting his producer career, and learning the skills to make his music.

The singer was first noticed when one of his videos went viral, TikTok, making music with random objects. Leiden shared that the video gathered at least four million views.

Leiden's talent seems to be overflowing, as he was also able to establish his record label, Laila Records - with Laila meaning night in Jewish culture - which Warner Music recognized in Mexico.

He then decided to release his debut album entitled "El Morro Que Hace Musica" on April 2021 amid the pandemic. His single entitled "Manzana," which was included in his album, gathered at least eight million views on YouTube.

Leon Leiden Chosen as Deezer Fresco

Leiden's talent was well recognized in Mexico, as he shared that two of his songs were included in the Mexican music top charts. However, his works continue to be noticed as he was chosen by French music streaming app Deezer, to be the second Latin indie artist to participate in the program "Deezer Fresco."

The said program works to promote the career of emerging local talents in Latin America. The first artist to participate in the program was Colombian artist Dylan Fuentes.

"It was really shocking and exciting... the fact that for some reason what I'm doing stood out to them meant a lot," Leiden shared, adding that he was very honored that Deezer supported him.

When asked how music streaming platforms like Deezer help indie artists like him to make their way in the music industry, Leiden underscored that such platforms play a fundamental role arguing that streaming apps help display their projects to the world and introduce their work to people.

For his plans, Leiden shared that he would love to try other genres for his music. He also shared that he broke up with the term "genre," contending that he loves to "sprinkle" a few different music styles in one song.

Leon Leiden also shared that he plans to release new music in the future and touted a new album by 2022.

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Written By: Joshua Summers

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