A spokesperson from the Clarence House emphasized that prince Charles "has no knowledge" about the British citizenship offered by the Prince of Wales's former aid, Michael Fawcett, to a Saudi businessman.

The comments from the unnamed source were made on Monday, contending that Prince Charles has no idea about the "alleged offer of honors and British citizenship based on the donation to his charities."

The said foundation of the Prince of Wales is run separately from the Clarence House, where Prince Charles performs his royal duties.

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Alleged British Citizenship Offer to Saudi Businessman Revealed by Letter; Foundation of Charles, Prince of Wales, Underway

The comments from the House of Clarence stemmed out when a letter from Fawcett to an aide to Saudi businessman Mahfouz Marei Mubarak bin Mahfouz, dated August 2018, surfaced over the weekend.

The said letter revealed that Fawcett confirmed with the businessman that Prince Charles' foundation was willing to support and contribute to the application for citizenship.

Fawcett also confirmed in the letter that the foundation of the prince of Wales was also willing to make an application that would increase "His Excellency's honor from honorary CBE to that of KBE in accordance with Her Majesty's Honors Committee," The Daily Mail reported.

Mahfouz was known to be one of the biggest donors to prince Charles' charities, Fox News reported. The outlet underscored that the Saudi businessman donated more than $2 million to help restore the prince's estates other charities of the Prince of Wales.

Furthermore, leaked emails named Fawcett as the middleman and revealed that the donations were in exchange for the OBE award. One email showed that the award was promised to Mahfouz to get the £1.5 million he paid for the prince's two projects, namely the Dumfries House and The Castle of Mey.

In 2016, Prince Charles gave Mahfouz the CBE at a private ceremony in Buckingham Palace. The said CBE and OBE honors are known to be bestowed by the Queen after recommendations by the honors committee.

As the letter surfaced, a spokesperson from Prince Charles' foundation confirmed that the matter was placed under investigation, adding that an independent review from an external Senior Forensic Accountant was also in progress.

Furthermore, the recent citizenship scandal is the latest controversy that surrounded Fawcett. It can be recalled that in 2003, the former aid was cleared from misconduct after an investigation happened about the selling of unwanted Royal gifts.

Prince Charles' Former Aid Michael Fawcett Temporarily Steps Down From Position in the Prince's Charity

Amid the citizenship scandal that erupted, Michael Fawcett temporarily stepped down from his duties in Prince Charles' charity.

Douglass Connell, Chair of the Prince's Foundation, confirmed Fawcett's move, saying that the former aid to Prince Charles temporarily left his active duties as Chief Executive of the said foundation.

Connell highlighted that Fawcett will not be on the post while the investigation of the Trustees' foundation is ongoing. The chair also said that Fawcett supports the investigation and confirmed that he would assist with the probe in every way.

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