In his recent appearance in Gilbert Arenas' "No Chill Gil" Podcast, Kyle Kuzma described his former teammate LeBron James just like another kid.

Despite being one of the most beloved, respected, and looked-up people around the sports community, LeBron James faced many haters, especially while playing and achieving his greatness.

Kyle Kuzma Shares the Other Side of LeBron James

According to Fadeaway World, former Los Angeles Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma described LeBron James as a little kid. Kuzma explained LeBron acted most of the time as a grown man, the team's alpha, and displayed a serious personality.

However, Kuzma revealed that LeBron James was also like an 18-year-old because he jokes around a lot, always laughing and dancing while doing funny things, and Kuz considered it a cool side of "The King."

"Man, he's like a little kid. He is like a grown man and is like this alpha, he's like this like a super serious person. But he's like an 18-year-old too at the same time," Kuzma noted.

"And I just feel like that's the best part about him. He jokes around a lot, he's always laughing and dancing. Just doing funny sh** and that's the cool part for sure," he added.

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Kyle Kuzma, LeBron James, and The LA Lakers

At least half of the players in the league grew up watching LeBron James play, while the other half has had to go against him for their entire career in the NBA. 

As a result of his longevity, LeBron looked like a difficult person to be around if you're a younger player. But his former teammates, most of the time, share the opposite.

Kuzma shut down the narrative of him and LeBron having a bit of a feud in his departure in the city of Angels. The former Lakers forward, who will be playing for the Washington Wizards this upcoming NBA season, said the Lakers locker room always felt like a family for him.

Kyle Kuzma noted that the Los Angeles Lakers is all about love. He said that LeBron James was hanging out with him a couple of days after he got traded.

Furthermore, he noted that he came into the league as a Laker, and that's what he knows. Kuzma said he considered the recent trade more of a family decision. It was the reason why even though he was leaving, he would still be a part of the purple and gold squad because it's family. 

Kyle Kuzma said he was even getting calls or texts from "Jeanie or Rob and even from equipment managers or people that work the front gate." The now Wizards forward noted that the Lakers family wished him to have a successful career in his next team; that's why there was no bitterness in his departure.

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