Dark pop artist pure xtc returns with her newest single, "Bad Dreams," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

In her latest track, pure xtc shares a late-night reminiscing of a bad relationship finally ending, and reliving the pain and the trouble that comes with it. Brimming with emotions, "Bad Dreams" is the much-awaited follow-up to her previously released song "Ghost." With her booming vocals, pure xtc pulls listeners in and provides them with the chance to experience the emotional ride head first.

pure xtc
(Photo: pure xtc)

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"'Bad Dreams' is here to hold your hand while you're lying awake at night, replaying the worst break up of your life. You're finally waving goodbye to red flags you blindly ignored for years," pure xtc explains in a statement. "The gaslighting, the guilt, the betrayal. The truth twisting into your back like a knife. You can retrace the steps, fantasize and recreate the outcome, but you can't change it. This song is about that moment of acceptance when you're not sad anymore, you're just pissed."

For multi-instrumentalist Taylor Hughes, pure xtc was created during an extremely isolating period. In 2019, she set off on her journey, packed her bags, and moved to the New York City metro area to pursue her dreams - even if it meant living on her own for the first time. In the new environment, she spent time crying on subways, meeting and avoiding people, climbing rooftops, and finding fulfillment in feeling empty. These experiences helped her find the inspiration that would lead to her debut single "Ghost," which was a haunting electro-pop single that explores what it feels like to be a ghost in the middle of a busy city.

Aside from her new single "Bad Dreams," pure xtc is also set to release her EP "Nobody's Home" on November 12 this year. Watch the official trailer below:


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